MagicBond Block Joining Adhesive is a thin bed mortar with high strength attributes for quick & firm laying of AAC blocks. It is a factory mixed mortar made up of cement, graded sand and blended with polymers to impart high strength and water retention properties even when in thickness of 2-3 mm layer. Thanks to controlled manufacturing process, the output quality is consistent across batches. Bags or special silos are used for delivering MagicBond Block Joining Adhesive to the construction site.

One just needs to add water to the mix before using it. Various physical and chemical properties of dry mortar are pre-tested in laboratory, eliminating any scope of inconsistency.

MAGICBOND – AAC BLOCK JOINTING ADHESIVE MORTARMagicBond Block Joining Adhesive is used along with AAC blocks for optimum results. The product supports better build quality, enhanced thermal and acoustic performance, shorter construction timelines and maximum usage of raw materials available.

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Features & Advantages

High Bond Strength

MagicBond is prepared with proprietary technology and the polymeric additives and binders ensure that the high bond strength (>3.4Mpa) is achieved leading to superior masonry strength and excellent load-bearing capacity.

No Shrinkage Cracks

Water is retained in mortar, thus prevents shrinkage cracks.

High Thermal Insulation

Thin joints prevent heat transfer through walls.

Zero Wastage

It is easy to apply and avoids wastage of material.

No Curing Required

Due to water retention polymers, curing is not essential after application.

High coverage

Due to lower density & higher volume, a 40 kgs bag of Magicbond covers 200-225 sq. ft. with a thickness 3mm (for 4" thick AAC blocks).


Quantity of Magicbond required for laying blocks is 3 times less than conventional mortar. This saves money as well as time.


No jobsite blending of powder is required, only water is to be added.

Preparation & Application

  • Take 1 bag of Magicbond and add 11-14 litres of clean potable water.
  • Mix it thoroughly using the stirrer, then it is ready to apply.
Usage Instruction
  • Wet the surface before applying Magicbond.
  • Apply uniform layer of 2-3 mm of Magicbond.
  • Place another unit of AAC block on mortar bed and hammer it with a rubber mallet lightly on the top.