AAC Panels

Introduction to AAC Wall Panels

AAC PanelsInternal Non load bearing AAC partition panels-AAC Wall panels are Made out of cement, lime and silica as raw materials. They have a welded steel mesh with special anti rust treatment (reinforcing bars) as reinforcement which allows them to have high flexural strength. Wire cutting of panels to required sizes allows excellent dimensional accuracy. They are cured in a high pressure and temperature autoclave which renders high compressive strength to them


Flexural strength:

A mechanical parameter for brittle material, is defined as a material's ability to resist deformation under load. Steel reinforcement gives high flexural strength to AAC panels which allows them to be manufactured in one single piece from floor to ceiling (heights of upto 4.2 metres) which is otherwise impossible.

Light Weight
Light Weight:

Being made of AAC oven dry density of wall panels upto 600 Kg CBM. As a result, dead weight of the building goes down which result in a structural steel & concrete saving of upto 20% Faster construction. AAC wall panels are installed vertically in a monolithic structure from floor to ceiling. Coupled with a very easy buy scientific method of installation helps walling speed up by upto 15 times compared to traditional walling methods.

Ease of Logistics
Ease of Logistics:

AAC wall panels come in company packed pellets there by making both surface transport and unloading very easy. In addition construction cranes can be used to vertically lift these pellets to location there by increasing ease of usage at site.Elimination of cracks:Because of high pressure and temperature curing thermal shrinkage of AAC panels in minimum. In addition expansion joints at interfaces and joining with polymer modified adhesives reduce chances of cracks in walls to a minimum

Sound Proof
Sound absorption:

Magicrete AAC blocks have excellent Sound reduction index. Internationally, Sound Reduction Index is used to assess the performance of acoustic properties of partition structures and AAC blocks not only have a very low sound absorption index of A0 (meaning virtually all sound is reflected and nothing absorbed) but also a very low sound transmission index of B3 (which means that sound traveling through AAC gets dissipated and is not transmitted). In the US, an equivalent index of Sound Transmission Class is used and AAC blocks have an STC between 40 and 60 – indicating very high insulation from external noise.

Earthquake resistance
Earthquake resistance:

As the construction material is devoid of organic content, AAC provides superb resistance against common pests and even molds.

Pest resistance
Pest resistance:

Due to absence of organic content in the blocks, Magicrete AAC provide excellent resistance against common household termites, pests and even molds.

Owing to better trueness, lower sound and water absorption internal non loading of 75 mm thickness can be used instead of traditional 4” walls.