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The Construction Saga of Magicrete

Govt. Projects

When the mobile phone apps that we use in our daily routine are being updated once in every week, why are we still sticking to the traditional methods which includes clay bricks and cement when it comes to construction

This thought pushed our co-founders Sourabh Bansal, Puneet Mittal and Sidharth Bansal to start a company, “MAGICRETE“, with a perfect mission and a clear vision.

Their mission was to increase the fabrication of unconventional construction equipments to be supplied to the Indian Construction Industry.

They brought the use of AAC blocks; dry mix products like block joining adhesives, gypsum plaster and ‘ready-to-use sand cement plaster'; precast products including beams, concrete blocks, columns and slabs – all of them, into broad daylight.

Magicrete has successfully completed many famous projects across the county. For instance,

  • The Lodha Imperia and Lodha Bellisimo, Mumbai.
  • Mukesh Ambani’s residence, Antilia, Mumbai.
  • India Bulls Finance Centre, Mumbai.
  • Rahul Raj Mall, Surat.


Magicrete takes immense delight in the construction of the government mega projects.

  1. Supreme Court Project, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi:

With the Supreme Court complex experiencing space crisis, the government has sanctioned a Rs. 884.30 crore project for the erection of an additional office building for the apex court to create sufficient room for the library, waiting areas and a car park. Magicrete will be the proud supplier of AAC blocks for this mega project.

  1. DDA project, Kalkaji, New Delhi:

The Delhi Development Authority has come up with a three- phased rehabilitation project for the slum dwellers in Kalkaji which was recently initiated. In this project too, the construction will use the AAC blocks from Magicrete.

  1. PNB headquarters, Dwarka, New Delhi:

The Punjab National Bank is standing in need of a new headquarters at Dwarka, New Delhi with super structured facilities. The AAC blocks for construction of this building will be supplied by Magicrete.

  1. High Court Project, New Delhi:

Our company takes great pride to announce that we will be supplying AAC blocks for the High Court construction project at New Delhi.


  1. IIM, Rohtak:

The Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak decided upon a quick shift to the new campus to carry forward the growth actions. In this regard, the institute has stated its priority to complete the first phase of the new campus. The institute has teamed up with Magicrete for the supply of AAC blocks for the construction of the new campus.


  1. DDA Project, Jasola, New Delhi:

The Delhi Development Authority’s new housing scheme proposal, which was earlier planned to be launched in the month of February, has been sent to the Lt. Governor for his nod. When approved, the construction will be using the AAC blocks from Magicrete.


  1. South Asian University, Maidangarhi:

The South Asian University, an international university which is currently functioning from Akbar Bhavan Campus in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, is now being moved to Maidangarhi, South Delhi. For the construction of the new university site, the construction will be using the Magicrete AAC blocks as they are the best.


Magicrete is widely being recognized for their wide range of construction products, world class infrastructure and value added services.

Laying the foundations deep inside the earth, they have achieved operational excellence in 14 states including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.  And in no time, they will have covered the whole country, if this is the pace they move ahead with.