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Magicrete’s contribution to SwasthBachche, Swasth Bharat programme

The SwasthBachche, Swasth Bharat programme by The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) of India is a giant step towards taking care of children’s health and fitness.

Magicrete appreciates the efforts made by the UM of the HRD to enhance the overall wellbeing of Indian children by making physical and recreational activities mandatory in schools. And Magicrete is proud to make a special contribution to this commendable move undertaken by the government.

We at Magicrete are working towards a better tomorrow, by introducing product like AAC Blocks that aid sustainability.

As a leading manufacturer of green or eco-friendly building materials, Magicrete is promoting the use of AAC blocks or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks made from recycled fly-ash, where fly-ash is a national waste. Used for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, these blocks are renewable, reusable and free from toxins. Their many benefits make AAC blocks ideal for the health and wellness of young children and babies too. They can be widely used in schools, preparatory schools, homes and so on.

How AAC blocks can prevent common health problems in children?

  • Problems from air pollution – Due to increasing air pollution, 35% of kids in India are afflicted with poor lung conditions. There are 15 to 20 million asthmatics in the country and 10 to 15% of them are children from 5 to 11 years of age. Not only are children more susceptible to respiratory problems, a massive spike of 300% has been noted in recent times. According to a research conducted by University of British Columbia, pregnant women exposed to air pollution give birth to babies who are prone to becoming asthmatic before the age of 6.
    • Solution with AAC blocks – AAC blocks are breathable and no air pollution is caused while manufacturing them, unlike clay bricks. Hence, the increased usage of these blocks can bring down air pollution significantly.
  • Problems from noise pollution –A child can be harmed both psychologically and physically when exposed to very loud noises. Often, school children have been diagnosed with high blood pressure if their schools are located in noisy areas. Noise also affects a child’s reading skills and concentration power, and hampers peaceful sleep.
    • Solution with AAC blocks –Since AAC blocks are soundproof, they reduce outside noises to a minimum, ensuring good sleep and mental condition in children. Their porous nature helps them absorb sound effectively, and hence they can be used in hospitals, hotels, offices, and government and private schools too.
  • Problems from fluctuating temperatures –In summers,children feel very uncomfortable in hot homes or schools. They are unable to sleep or study properly. And in winters, they often fall prey to common flu, runny nose, coughing and such. Extreme and fluctuating temperatures are often the cause of fevers too.
    • Solution with AAC blocks –These blocks are thermally insulated, and keep children comfortable in all weather conditions. They keep you cool in summer and warm in winters. As they are also fire resistant, they can save you from massive fire hazards.
  • Problems from moisture and pests –Walls infected with dew or mold can cause fungal infections in kids. Damp walls in schools and homes are hence a big problem. Insects and termites can cause many serious diseases in children and affect the overall hygiene of any residential or commercial building.
    • Solution with AAC blocks –AAC blocks are water resistant and hence make for walls that don’t encourage mildew or fungus. These blocks are resistant to pests and hence ensure a clean, healthy home or school.

More benefits of using AAC blocks

Magicrete’s AAC blocks are manufactured in a non-polluting manner, consume much less energy than traditional bricks and don’t contain any toxic ingredients. They are not just much lighter than clay bricks, but also more cost-effective to transport and use. They reduce the dead load of a building, making it possible to construct taller ones. As the blocks are lightweight, they also lessen the impact of earthquakes. It is easy to nail, drill, groove and mill these AAC blocks to suit individual needs, and they are available in various sizes. It is also convenient to install electrical and plumbing equipment in these blocks.

More on Magicrete

Magicrete Building Solutions is India’s frontline manufacturer of AAC Blocks, a technology that has turned over a new leaf in the construction Industry. A pioneer in green building materials, we were founded with the vision of introducing prefabricated construction technologies to the Indian construction and infrastructure Industry and over the years, we have regarded as a frontline producer of these blocks with two manufacturing unit in Gujarat and Haryana covering the strategic markets of West and North India respectively.


Magicrete was founded in 2008 by Alumni of the most prominent technical institutes in India including IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and IIM Lucknow. With 800,000 CBM per annum production capacity and nationwide presence in AAC Blocks market.


Magicrete is a part of a conglomerate that has an aggregate turnover of over Rs. 5 billion and is into sector like chemicals, real estate and textiles. Asserting on innovation, we have an R&D team fully equipped with the required facilities. We have also put in place processes to trace each batch of product.


More on Swasth Bachche Swasth Bharat programme

It might interest you to know that initiated by KendriyaVidyalayaSangathan or KVS, the Swasth Bachche Swasth Bharat programme was devised to benefit more than 12 lakhs KVS students. It plans to make children, teachers and even parents aware about how crucial good health is and why every child must enjoy 60 minutes of playtime every day. Children of all ages and abilities will be covered by this programme, and different physical activities and recreational games will be introduced to them. Their performance will be tracked scientifically to boost their further development.

Magicrete Work Culture

Magicrete work culture

Magicrete Building Solutions is a frontline manufacturer of AAC blocks and a pioneer in green building materials in India.

The company was founded in India in the year 2008 by Sourabh Bansal, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, along with Puneet Mittal, a qualified CA and Sidharth Bansal, an IIT Delhi alumnus. It has a workforce of about 300 and growing. The company has two manufacturing plants – one in Navsari near Surat, the other in Jhajjar, Haryana.

The company’s employees engage in many activities that increase their morale and productivity.

Our first women employee was Dipali Mevada; she is now an Assistant Manager at Magicrete. She has been an integral part of Magicrete since 2009. Through Magicrete, she has always got support for her personal and professional life. We provide maternity leave for women and Dipali took hers to care for her son till he was three months old.

Mr. Ankit Sheladiya is seen as the charm of the company; he always carries a sense of positive attitude towards work. He is an AGM at Magicrete.  He is an active and enthusiastic member of the company since 2012. He doesn’t see the tasks as work but as his own business.

The Assistant Brand Manager at Magicrete, Sonal Patel has played a significant role in making Magicrete stand out from the rest. She began her career at Magicrete in 2013 where she was given a platform to transform innovative theoretical ideas into practical branding. Magicrete provides flexible work timings and makes sure that the work place is also a fun environment.

We are proud to have a team that never backs down from a challenge, and one such person is Mr. Hardik Naik, and we are proud to have him as our Executive in marketing. He joined in 2015 as the youngest employee at Magicrete, but his maturity at handling work is commendable. Magicrete is considered as one of the finest places to work not only because of our supportive colleagues but also because of the new opportunities we present before them.

No one is more qualified to be the Katappa of Magicrete than Mr. Birju Thakkar. He is the EA to our MD. He joined Magicerete in 2012 and has dealt with every department of the company. He has a plethora of knowledge on how Magicrete works.

It’s hard to find an employee who can take both responsibilities and criticisms with utmost respect, but Magicrete ticks that box with Mr. Nitin Khairnar. He is our AGM at marketing and has been a loyal employee since 2013. He is a perfect all-rounder and the go-to-guy for any project.

With the digital and technological revolution in our lives, it’s important to keep an active online portfolio. We are proud to have Mr. Mitesh Somani as our IT backbone and he has always had a unique perspective to tackling problems and keeping the whole system working day and night. He has been with us since 2012.

Magicrete wouldn’t be such a stable platform without our General Manager, Payal Rao. She is such a positive person that she creates a positive atmosphere at Magicrete. She initially found Magicrete a challenging workplace but quickly adapted to the company. Magicrete has become a learning platform with good leadership that embraces new talent.

The opportunities are endless for those who want to grow. Senior colleagues are supportive towards the junior employees, and the same goes for the management. The management has created a challenging and dynamic work environment for the employees.


Amazing journey on Kissey Kamyabi Ke – Season 2


The path to success is never easy, but Magicrete has carved a special niche in the Indian construction industry today with its innovative green building materials like AAC Blocks, Block Joining Adhesive (MagicBond), MagicPlast (gypsum plaster), Precast Concrete and more. The AAC blocks are environment-friendly substitutes for traditional red clay bricks, and they make construction processes faster. Magicrete has also been very successful in producing steel-reinforced AAC walls. The company’s turnover is more than Rs. 100 crores presently, and a skilled and knowledgeable team of 300 professionals is taking it forward every day.

Though we already enjoy a significant customer base, appearing on the Zee News and Zee Business program Reliance Commercial Finance “Kissey Kamyabi Ke – Season 2 was a major milestone! Hosted by the famous actor Mr. Annu Kapoor, this show is a great platform for successful startups, entrepreneurs and businesses to share their journey and story. It gives them a chance to share their struggles, risks, profits and hopes and successes in front of millions. And it has worked wonders for Magicrete too.

Magicrete Director Mr. Sourabh Bansal’s story

Mr. Sourabh Bansal, our young yet extremely enterprising and creative director was the first to engage in an enlightening conversation with Mr. Annu Kapoor. Mr. Bansal said that the housing sector in India is almost as big as energy or agriculture and very important. Moreover, besides steel and cement, bricks are the third major cost component of a construction project. Bricks are a Rs. 50,000 crores worth sector, but unfortunately unorganized. Till now, there were no branded players in the market for bricks. Mr. Bansal said that while establishing Magicrete, his aim was to introduce something that would be completely unique and much better than clay bricks.     

He said that since traditional bricks have been used for ages in India, it was naturally challenging to bring in a unique product as that would involve convincing both builders and end users or homeowners about the advantages of any new technology. Hence, Magicrete’s product would have to be extraordinary. These blocks are 10 times better than bricks, according to Mr. Bansal.

Funding was the first challenge faced by Magicrete though. Luckily, Mr. Sourabh’s younger brother Sidharth, who is an IIM graduate, helped prepare a promising business plan. Fortunately, some Angel investors offered the seed money for the company and some debt fund was also raised from banks. The venture was then started with a debt and equity combination.

Mr. Annu Kapoor then asked how Magicrete penetrated the traditional brick market for the first time. Mr. Bansal said that he first tried to convince investors with the green or eco-friendly property of their product, AAC blocks. But that was not enough. So, he created a marketing collateral showing comparison between a 9-inch brick wall and 9-inch AAC wall. Through this, he showed how AAC blocks are 70% lighter than bricks, which leads to a significant saving in the amount of steel used. Hence, this would be a great benefit for developers.

Mr. Bansal also convinced developers with the thermal insulation property of AAC blocks. Houses made with these blocks stay cool in summers and warm in winters, providing adequate comfort to end customers.

Mr. Kapoor then questioned Mr. Bansal about the stability of these AAC blocks, as earthquakes are recurring incidents nowadays. Mr. Bansal explained that an earthquake’s impact is proportional to the weight of a building. Since AAC blocks are much lighter than bricks, they are more earthquake-resistant.

Mr. Bansal also mentioned that in 2008, Magicrete was the third AAC block producing plant in India. The total industry was worth Rs. 50 crores. And today, AAC blocks worth Rs. 2500 crores are being sold in the country! The government is also promoting the use of AAC or flyash bricks, and in future, these blocks might completely replace clay bricks.

According to Mr. Bansal, since builders these days have strict timelines for finishing buildings, they are increasingly adopting the use of AAC blocks. And Magicrete has many repeat customers due to the satisfaction their products deliver.

Magicrete’s co-founder Mr. Puneet Mittal’s story

Mr. Mittal is a successful CA and CS, and a huge help for Mr. Bansal. He started helping Magicrete from the very beginning, Mr. Mittal believed in commercializing the innovative product and convincing the end user that the use of AAC was budget-friendly.

Mr. Mittal also emphasized that word-of-mouth of publicity had helped them to grow phenomenally in a short span of time, when one builder benefited from the use of AAC and recommended it to others. Almost 75 to 80% projects in Western India are using this product now. Many large projects in Delhi NCR have started to adopt AAC blocks and the usage is spreading to some rural areas as well.

Reliance Commercial Finance Marketing Head Mr. Tapan Sampat’s opinion 

Mr. Sampat finds Mr. Sourabh Bansal’s story or Magicrete’s story and journey very inspiring. Mr. Sampat said that most SMEs don’t or can’t avail funding from traditional lenders like banks. He also said that without proper financing, no brilliant idea can be realized. And that is what he appreciates about Mr. Bansal in the way he approached different investors and banks for funding. Mr. Sampat also offered some advice for startups when they approach venture capitalists or Angel investors, and said that the different pros and cons of each lender must be considered. While some lenders limit the amount they lend, others expect higher stakes. Mr. Sampat also suggested that small and medium businesses can approach NBFCs like Reliance Commercial Finance for loans at attractive rates to boost their business. Mr. Sourabh Bansal was felicitated at the end of the show by Mr. Sampat, making it a memorable moment for Magicrete.

10 ways to build an environmentally friendly home

In today’s World, thinking about our nature and environment demands our attention more than it ever did before. As natural resources and fossil fuels continue to deplete and environment continues to get more polluted, human beings (the reason behind this) have started to gain some sense and begun to take strict measures to prevent such degradation. Home owners have begun to build more eco-friendly homes that are both modern and environment-friendly.

Constructing a home requires some serious thinking and planning, which is the job of an architect. These architects are trained to build nature-friendly houses with all the modern necessities that have aesthetic value and are energy efficient at the same time. Some small steps and variations in building a home can go a long way in protecting our nature; steps that are small, inexpensive and not so time-consuming. So, it is a viable option which should be considered before constructing a new home for you and your family.

Let’s start with the golden ten points which are as follows:

  1. Home Energy Audit

A professional can be hired to take a glance at your home and the waste of energy it costs you. The professional examines things like insulation from inside and outside, appliances efficiency and flow of air through windows, ventilators etc. It assists them in calculating the loss of energy in heating and cooling one’s home, which can be reduced by proper planning of your home’s structure. They also use thermal imaging and airflow measurements that can help in making your home more energy efficient. It may be a little expensive but can be a cost saver in the long run.


  1. AAC Blocks

AAC Blocks should be the first and foremost choice when building a home while keeping nature in mind. Highly recommended by industry experts, AAC blocks are the best available building blocks for your dream home and with AAC blocks you will never have to worry another day. These AAC blocks are cost-saving, light-weight, strong, earthquake and fire resistant, pest resistant, energy-efficient, act as a water barrier and have great acoustic properties. To know more, click here.



  1. Airflow is the key

Approximately twenty percent of the energy or air flow streams out of the gates and windows, which make a lot of cooling and heating energy go to waste. This happens because of gaps in the doors and windows. It can be because of the bad construction or in old houses where energy simply courses out of the holes that hurt the environment. When making a new home, control of air flow within four walls should be looked into carefully as it can save you big bucks on your energy bills.


  1. Investing in windows

One should consider investing in better insulated and better sealed windows which can fulfil your environmental concern. It will allow your cooling or heating energy within the required space and will subsequently cost you less. There are different types of windows available in the market to cater to this problem for varied budgets. One is multipane windows which use argon to fill in the spaces. U factor is the unit which is used to measure the insulation of your windows. A lower U factor guarantees better insulation than a higher U factor. These windows also come tinted which can reduce the energy needs quite a lot.


  1. Reflective insulation

As we know, sun’s rays and heat can creep into your house through ceiling, windows and doors. Reflective insulation will help you and your family remain cool in the harsh summers and will reduce your needs of using air conditioners.


  1. Understated lawn area

Use of fertilizers and other chemicals in growing grass and plants can affect the ground water and will make it polluted. Therefore, compromising the environment. The native plant should be planted in gardens which require less energy and can survive in the natural environment without the use of artificial energy. A small amount of grass will require less maintenance and less dependency on electrical appliances. Hence, saving limited and precious energy.


  1. Pervious Pavers

Old sewage system makes all the rain water go to waste. Using pervious pavers allows the water to be absorbed by the soil and thus channelizes it into the water streams which can save rain water from getting wasted.


  1. Check water heaters

According to research, as much as one-third of a house energy is used by water heating system. Upgrading to better water heaters may seem like an expensive affair, so for budget home owners, buying the right size of the water heater is the key.


  1. Modern thermostats

Modern thermostats can check the energy consumption and temperature of the surroundings which can help you save energy. Some models can even notify you via email of any fault in a home appliance.


  1. Investing in appliances

When purchasing a new piece of equipment for your home, firstly, keep in mind the energy ratings of the device. The perfect size is also a factor needed to be considered. Investing in appliances needs proper planning according to the needs and space on offer.