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Are You Living In A Next Generation Home?

Next Generation home

With no seepage, pest free and energy efficient walls.

Remember the days of disposable cameras and dialling “69 to see who called you”? Thanks to the technological enhancement, those days are long gone.

So, what about our homes/structures?

Are we still constructing our homes in the same old fashioned way? With pest and water seeping in, like insects?

If yes, why do that even when there are revolutionary, more dependable choices available. One of this very evident choices is using AAC Blocks (MagicBlox) instead of red bricks at the construction site because AAC Blocks have low weight, high strength and durability, and eco-friendly green features. Doing that not only provides you a next generation energy efficient homes but it also helps in cutting down cost, extensively!

Things that happen when an occupant chooses to live in an AAC constructed house.

1- No more Water Seepage

With AAC’s microscopic structure, it does not allow capillary action, making it impervious to water. Its water barrier properties are further enhanced by silicon based additives which provides excellent water resistant homes.

On an average, every 3-4 years, red bricks houses have to be plastered/repainted in order to eradicate the seepage.

2- Cutting down Air conditioning cost

The average unit consumption per day per customer is 7-9 KWh. This comes down to 3-4 KWh, if the house is built with AAC Blocks (Magic Blocks).

It has the highest thermal rating in the industry R30! Its cellular structure provides well insulated interiors, keeping out warm air in summers and further reducing the air conditioning cost by upto 30 percent.

 3- No more Pest Control required

Inside wall pesticide usually breakdown organic matter or close to the soil to suffice their stomach. With AAC, the root cause of pest is removed. AAC blocks (MagicBlox) are manufactured inorganically unlike red clay bricks which is made up of organic material like soul, so pest cannot penetrate or survive in its highly protected walls, saving those extra money spent in pest control every single year.

Also, the importance of pest control cannot be underestimated. Pesticides like rodents and insects carry infectious diseases, infest your kitchens and bedrooms, and bite you or your pets. The purpose of not having any kind of pest in your home, garage, or yard is to keep you & your family healthy and safe.

Leading a highly active next generation life which progresses with every new invention, it is high time we start looking into the safety and cost cutting of the homes that we built, taking advantage of the revolutionary AAC Blocks (MagicBlox).

Rahul Raj Mall – A Shining Example Of Cost-Effective Construction With Magicrete AAC Blocks

Located in the heart of the sprawling city of Surat in Gujarat, the Rahul Raj Mall is one of the leading retail and entertainment destinations. Developed by RahulRaj Estates Pvt. Ltd., this mall offers 400,000 sq. ft. of retail and 60,000 sq. ft. of Multiplex space.

While, from outside it looks like any other malls, which you can find in various Indian cities witnessing a retail revolution, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Owing to the use of Magicrete AAC blocks, it is one of the finest examples of cost-effective and environment-friendly construction.

It has a construction area of 200,000 sq. ft. and has three floors. By employing Magicrete AAC blocks, Harsh Constructions, the construction company, was able to reduce the RCC cost by 8-10%. Similarly, mortar and plaster cost was lowered up to 15%, and the construction time was halved.

In addition to the aforementioned tangible benefits, the use of Magicrete AAC brought a host of intangible benefits. These include better wall surface in comparison to brick walls, flexibility to choose from a wide range of AAC blocks sizes, fast completion of work and minimal wastage with larger blocks, etc. No wonder, Mr. Gaurav Patel, Project Engineer says – “Magicrete AAC blocks save up to 15% cost in plaster and up to 10% in mortar of your whole cast of project with their optimum utilization.

Do It Yourself – Build Strong Walls With Magicrete AAC Blocks & Magic Bond


Known for their lightweight and unmatched strength, AAC blocks are gradually changing the construction landscape worldwide. Their impeccable heat resistance and sound proofing properties further make them an ideal building material. And, the best thing is it is very easy to join them together and create a wall. This becomes possible with Magicbond – Block Joining Adhesive, which is a factory mixed thin bed mortar made up of cement, graded sand and blended with polymers. Continue reading Do It Yourself – Build Strong Walls With Magicrete AAC Blocks & Magic Bond

Housing For All – Turning Vision Into Reality Through AAC

With the new leadership taking responsibility of country’s economic and social development many new visions and schemes has come into picture. Recent one being ‘Housing for all by 2022’ proposed by Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. India is looking forward to have a ‘pucca house’ for every citizen by 2022, country’s 75th Independence anniversary year. Continue reading Housing For All – Turning Vision Into Reality Through AAC

AAC in Hotel Construction – A Step Towards Sustainability

India is seeing a rapid growth in hospitality sector since last few years and this growth is likely to increase exponentially in coming years. With government pushing economy through sustainable tourism industry and allowing FDI in hospitality sector there will be no slowing down of demand in coming years. Continue reading AAC in Hotel Construction – A Step Towards Sustainability

Seismic Zones In India And Need Of Earthquake Resistant Buildings

India is divided into 4 seismic zones, namely Zone 2, 3, 4 & 5, ranging from very high risk damage zones to low risk damage zones. Alarmingly 38 cities in India fall into moderate to high risk damage zones and cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Greater Mumbai, Kochi, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Patna, Ahmedabad and Dehradun come under the vulnerability zone. Continue reading Seismic Zones In India And Need Of Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Going Green is affordable

For most of us Green buildings and affordable buildings can never be related to each other or at least these two terms cannot be used for the same building. While the ‘green building’ generally stands for sustainable or environmentally responsible building the term ‘affordable building’ is often used for low-income building or attainable housing. Continue reading Going Green is affordable

Safeguarding Against Time And Cost Overruns With AAC Blocks

Delay in completing construction projects is disadvantageous for everyone. While, builders’ profit margin reduces because of the rise in the prices of construction materials and labor cost, buyers don’t get the possession of premises on time, resulting in inconveniences and monetary losses. The general public also has to undergo a series of Continue reading Safeguarding Against Time And Cost Overruns With AAC Blocks

Ensuring Better Protection from Fire with AAC Blocks

With increased use of electrical and gas-based appliances in commercial as well as personal premises, the threat of fire is growing gradually despite better technology, enhanced safety awareness and implementation of fire safety laws. Mushrooming of high-rises, large commercial complexes and malls in both big and small cities has further Continue reading Ensuring Better Protection from Fire with AAC Blocks

Magicrete For A Sound Sleep Every Night

Life in big, crowded cities is getting tougher with each passing year owing to long working hours, high commute time, traffic jams and pollution. In such a scenario, a good night sleep is a must for every individual for a healthy and productive life. Unfortunately, people in large cities don’t get to enjoy this luxury because of sound pollution. From barking dogs Continue reading Magicrete For A Sound Sleep Every Night

AAC Blocks – A Versatile Building Product

AAC Blocks, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are undoubtedly a popular and preferred building material world-wide. Invented by a Swedish architect Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson in mid 1920, AAC is now being produced for more than 70 years and is trusted for its significant advantages over other cement construction materials. Continue reading AAC Blocks – A Versatile Building Product

Magicrete for Greener Future

The Increase of unbalanced activities by humans since last few decades has seriously impacted our environment and our country has seen some severe damages like tsunami, flooding, rising of sea level, etc due to this. Rebuilding and sustaining our environment is a concern of this decade and also one of the Millennium Development Goals defined by UN. Continue reading Magicrete for Greener Future