Case Studies

Sankalp Sapphire, Ahmedabad

Construction details:

12-storey residential complex with a total area of 75,000 sq ft.

Reason for moving to AAC:

The cost and timelines for the construction were reduced significantly and hence the project management consultants decided to replace traditional bricks with AAC blocks.

Status of Project:

80% complete.

Advantages realized by the builder due to AAC:

There was a significant cost reduction owing to the use of AAC blocks. Savings realized in the cost of mortar and plaster used was about 10-12%.

The time to complete wall construction was reduced by half and hence very quick construction turn-around was achieved.

Other Remarks:

“Wall surface is even and of better size and shape in comparison to the brick wall which makes masonry more efficient. AAC blocks reduced the wastage due to breakage and even broken blocks could be used for wall construction” - Mr. Arvind M. Prajapati, Project Management consultant, Sankalp Sapphire Group.