Dry Mix Mortar

Dry Mix Mortar

Dry-mix-mortarDry mix mortar is an innovative technology that offers an extremely thin-joint (~2mm) alternative to the conventional mortar. Thin joint mortar is used in most installation globally to hold the AAC blocks together.

Magicbond Dry Mix is a thin-joint adhesive with high strength attributes, firmly laying AAC blocks. A factory-mixed mortar manufactured in a computerized manner, it is constituted by cement, graded sand and blended with polymers. Even at 2-3mm thickness, it imparts high strength and water retention properties. Thanks to controlled manufacturing process, the output quality is consistent across batches. Moreover is as per the specified technical specs. Bags or special silos are used for delivering Magicbond dry mix mortar to the construction site. One just needs to add water to the mix before using it. Various physical and chemical properties of dry mortar are pre-tested in laboratory, eliminating any scope of inconsistency.

MAGICBOND – AAC BLOCK JOINTING ADHESIVE MORTARAAC blocks absorb moisture from the mortar due to their porous nature. This results in pinhole gaps in masonry, directly affecting the bond strength of the mortar while heat and water passes through it.

Mortar can retain water thanks to Magicbond dry mix plaster, which increases the strength of the masonry.

MagicBond Dry Mortar is used along with AAC blocks for optimum results. The product supports better build quality, enhanced thermal and acoustic performance, shorter construction timelines and maximum usage of raw materials available.

Download Magicrete Magicbond Broucher.

Features & Advantages

High Bond Strength
High Bond Strength:

MagicBond is prepared with proprietary technology and the polymeric additives and binders ensure that the high bond strength (>3.4Mpa) is achieved leading to superior masonry strength and excellent load-bearing capacity.

Consistent Product Quality
Consistent Product Quality:

Manufactured in computerized factory environment, MagicBond requires no human intervention is required at any stage. This ensures that the output quality across batches is consistent along the pre-determined lines. Shrinkage cracks are absent in the thin-joint mortar application process as MagicBond dry-mix mortar has high water-retention properties. The MagicBond laboratory tests can be provided upon request.

Faster Construction
Faster Construction:

Logistical complexity of the product is reduced as the material is pre-mixed and only water has to be added on site. Mortar thickness of just 2mm is sufficient to bind the blocks together. This not just reduces the effective time required to join bricks but the number of joints required as well as AAC bricks are much larger in size compared to the normal bricks. Also, the setting time of dry-mix mortar is less than conventional mortar.


Reduced construction timeline also reduces the direct cost of labor along with overhead costs. The volume of the dry-mix mortar is considerably less than the traditional mortar bringing down the cost significantly. A 40kg MagicBond bag covers almost 200-225sq ft of surface area with a 3mm thickness.


MagicBond ApplicationAs the mortar is pre-mixed, there is no need of additives to be added on the construction site. A bag of MagicBond is blended with 15-20l of clean, potable water. The mixture is then stirred and applied. The process can be mechanized using pumps with mixing-adjusters.