Green Building Material

Green Building Material Suppliers- Magicrete Building Solutions

When you think about green buildings, one envisages buildings existing with a lot of trees around them. Also, one imagines expensive buildings. But the term green building stands for an environmentally sustainable building.

A number factors determine the sustainability of green building materials; such factors may include:

  • How the materials are manufactured?
  • The source of the raw materials used
  • The energy used in manufacturing
  • The by-products emitted during the manufacturing process

Some companies have embraced green building technologies. Amongst them is Magicrete which produces green building material AAC Blocks that are sustainable in the long run.

1. Magicrete Blocks

They produce Aerated Autoclaved Concrete popularly known as AAC; they are light-weight blocks. They are also thermal and sound insulating. The characteristics of Magicrete Blocks are:

  • Reusable materials

The raw material in the manufacturing of AAC is fly ash which is a national waste and Gypsum which has been reclaimed. As you can see, the materials for the construction of the blocks are recycled industrial waste.

  • Non-polluting Manufacturing

The process of manufacturing the blocks is closed loop manufacturing. This means that nothing is released into the atmosphere other than clean steam. The steam that is released is reusable.

  • Energy Resource

The end product is approximately 80% entrained air and 20% mass in the final product. Hence, 5 parts for manufacturing the block and panels are produced from just 1 part of the raw material.

  • Low Energy Consumption throughout Lifecycle

Throughout the manufacture of the AAC, the process only uses 1/3rd of the energy utilized in the production of other building material such as bricks. When the blocks have been used, it leads to further energy savings.

The blocks themselves are:

  • Cost saving in the execution

The blocks themselves weigh about 80% of the conventional blocks and bricks. The weight is considerably reduced, making huge savings in steel and cement overall in the structure.

  • Energy Efficiency

They have a lower thermal rating leading to an aversion of massive tons of C02 emissions into the environment. This leads to huge savings every year.

  • Water Barrier

The blocks have been made to prevent water seepage into them. This is because of macro pores in the AAC structure. Little or no water seeps into the blocks.

  • Acoustic Properties

The blocks have outstanding sound insulation index. They have a low absorption index of A0, meaning all sound is reflected and results to very low sound transmission.

Here, the company manufactures some dry mix concrete such as:

1. MagicBond

   Block Bonding Adhesive

This is a cement based thin bed mortar reputed to have high strength for laying the AAC blocks quickly and firmly. Its features include:

  • High bond strength - Polymers give high strength increasing the load bearing capacity.
  • No shrinkage - Water is retained.
  • High terminal insulation - No heat transfers because of thin joints
  • Zero wastage - Easy application; hence, no wastage
  • No curing needed
  • High coverage - It covers a large surface area due to low density & high volume; it can cover 180-200 sq. ft. with 3 mm thickness for 4" thick AAC Block.
  • Economical - It requires 3 times lesser water than normal mortar.
  • Premixed - Only water is added.

2. MagicPlast Ready Mix Plaster

This is a polymer premixed cement base plaster which can be used in internal and external wall surfaces. Faster and efficient tiling can be done because the plaster mix gives an even surface. It is specially formulated using graded sand to bring compactness to the plaster. It contains polymers which reduce bonding losses.

Its principal features include:

  • It has excellent coverage. It covers 15-20 sq. per bag with a thickness of 10-12 mm.
  • Faster application since it is premixed
  • Economical - requires a single coat; hence, saves you money

3. Wall Putty

Putty plus one is a polymer modified white cement. Its primary job is to cover unevenness and pinholes created by plastering and preparing the walls for painting. The advantages of wall putty over regular putty are:

  • 75% water resistant
  • 10% extra workability
  • 25% strong bond
  • 11% extra economical
  • UV ray resistant

Magicrete is taking the lead in the manufacture of green construction materials and therefore, creating green buildings; hence, lowering the level of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.