Magicplast Gypsum Plaster

Magicrete manufactures MagicPlast a ready-to-use gypsum-based plaster coating product. A lightweight plaster, it suits usage in internal wall surfaces made of AAC blocks or even stones. Construction industry has used gypsum-based plasters since early civilization and even day, Gypsum-based plasters cover more than 1500 million m2 of contemporary European interiors. Ingredients in the MagicPlast Gypsum Plaster along with the special additives lend it a superior surface finish. When compared with other gypsum-based plasters, MagicPlast Gypsum Plaster has higher coverage and workability. The product can be used for all types of interior paints along with the wall-papers producing extremely smooth output.

Variants of MagicPlast Gypsum Plaster can be deployed in mechanized plaster applications, resulting in several advantages. These include easy-mixing, wet-adhesion, high pumpability along with lump-free construction. It can also be used in hand applications as well.

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Features & Advantages

High Strength

High degree of compressive and tensile strength increases overall masonry and load-bearing capacity.

Excellent Coverage

Due to lower density & higher volume, Magicplast covers 24 sqft / bag with a thickness of 13mm for Magicrete AAC block.

Cracks Free Wall

Gypsum does not shrink or expand once setting process is complete. Hence, crack free walls are assured.


Gypsum provides smooth satin finish walls in single coat. Hence, saves money as well as time required for putty coating.

Single Coat Application

It can be used directly on all internal surfaces like brickwork, hollow & solid concrete block.

No Curing. Saves Water

Gypsum is self setting material hence once set does not need any more curing.

High Thermal Insulation

R = 0.07 m2K/W at 13mm thickness.

Faster Application

Its remarkable flowability allows faster Magicplast application. With the use of spray plaster machine, workability can be enhanced by 2 times.

Product Variant

Magicrete makes MagicPlast gypsum-based plaster in 3 variants

  • MagicPlast Superfine

A flagship product of Magicrete, it can be applied directly on RCC, blocks and AAC Bricks. The coverage is roughly 18sq ft / bag of 25kg.

  • MagicPlast Elite

MagicPlast Elite is better applicable on the walls where the required paint output has to be glossy. The product gives a high coverage of 24sqft/ bag of 25kg. It gives true colour tone and gloss to the paint due to the improved light reflectance.

  • MagicPlast Spray Elite

The product is used in mechanized application of plaster. The application is 5 times faster than that of other plasters which considerably reduces the labor costs.

Preparation & Application

  • The background to be plastered should be free from dust & loose mortar.
  • For higher coverage pre wetting of background is recommended.
  • For plaster mix, add gypsum to water not vice versa & water to Magicplast ratio should be 1:1.5.
  • Stir the mixer with a mixing rod thoroughly.
  • Prepare plaster mix which should not last more than 15 minutes.
  • Do not mix additional dry material once the mix begins to set.
  • A single coat should not exceed 13 mm, if more than 13 mm thickness desired than it can be done after drying of first layer.
  • To enhance the workability plaster spray machine can be used.