Magicplast Hack-X

Hack-X is a polymer modified admixture of sand and cement to enable quick preparation of ceiling and RCC wall surface for plastering. Its unique formula of polymer, additives makes it coarse and improves its bonding properties. It eliminates the need to physically develop the surface by labour intensive hacking or any other method. By using Hack-X, micro-cracking in RCC surface can be avoided to a great extent.

Application Areas
  • RCC surface
  • Ceiling
  • Beam
  • Columns

Download MagicPlast Hack-X Brochure.


High Bond Strength
No hacking required
Economical & Time Saving
No solvent odour
Fast Drying

Preparation & Application

  • The application surface should be free from loose particles, grease or any other foreign material
  • Mix 1 kg of Hack-X in 600m1 of water and not vice-versa
  • Mix continuously by hand or using an electrical stirrer to obtain a homogenous lump-free paste
  • Leave the mix to slake for 5-10 minutes
  • Remix the paste for about 2 minutes before use.
  • The mixture should be used within 30 minutes of preparation
  • The mixture shall be applied using a normal flat brush
  • For better bonding, plastering should be done instantly once the Hack-X coat is about to set completely