Case Studies

Metropolis, Mumbai

Construction details:

A 32-storey residential / commercial project with over 2-million sq ft of construction area.

Reason for moving to AAC:

Significant costs in material, time and also the light-weight of AAC that helped in better handling of the blocks.

Status of Project:

Under construction.

Advantages realized by the builder due to AAC:

Huge savings owed due to faster walling speed – up to 2 times faster. Apart from this, there were costs savings in the usage of mortar, steel and RCC.

Other Remarks:

“Biggest advantage of AAC blocks over concrete blocks or bricks is their lightweight nature and their availability. Being lightweight, it is pretty easy to handle manually which increases labour efficiency. Also because of lesser density, there is significant amount of steel saving with better strength, better sound absorption and heat resistance. Magicrete AAC blocks are, by far, the best choice among walling materials for high rises.” – Mr. Mahesh Agrawal, Vice President, Ahluwalia Contracts India Limited.