Case Studies

RahulRaj Mall, Surat

Construction details:

3-storey mall with a total area of over 2,00,000 sq ft.

Reason for moving to AAC:

There were significant cost savings in the raw materials and AAC blocks came in several sizes affording construction flexibility to the project.

Status of Project:

100% complete – houses anchor tenants like PVR and Lifestyle.

Advantages realized by the builder due to AAC:

There was about 8-10% savings in the cost of RCC used against projections while savings in plaster and mortar cost was around 15%.The walls were constructed in about half the time projected.

Other Remarks:

"The wall surface was much better in comparison to the brick wall and availability of different sizes of blocks provided us with the flexibility of choice. Larger size enhanced the speed of work, reduced wastage and hence saved the overall construction cost. Magicrete AAC blocks save up to 15% cost in plaster and up to 10% cost in mortar of the whole cost of project with optimum utilization of blocks” – Mr. Gourav Patel, Project Engineer, Harsh constructions.