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    Mr. R.N Dobariya

  • The wall surface was much better in comparison to the brick wall and availability of different sizes of blocks provided us with the flexibility of choice. Larger size enhanced the speed of work, reduced wastage and hence saved the overall construction cost. Magicrete AAC blocks save up to 15% cost in plaster and up to 10% cost in mortar of the whole cost of project with optimum utilization of blocks.

    Mr. Gourav Patel

  • Wall surface is even and of better size and shape in comparison to the brick wall which makes masonry more efficient. AAC blocks reduced the wastage due to breakage and even broken blocks could be used for wall construction.

    Mr. Arvind M. Prajapati

  • Biggest advantage of AAC blocks over concrete blocks or bricks is their lightweight nature and their availability. Being lightweight, it is pretty easy to handle manually which increases labour efficiency. Also because of lesser density, there is significant amount of steel saving with better strength, better sound absorption and heat resistance. Magicrete AAC blocks are, by far, the best choice among walling materials for high rises.

    Mr. Mahesh Agrawal

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