Magicplast Wall Putty

MagicPlast - Wall Putty is a polymer modified white cement based wall putty specially developed as a finishing coat to cover the unevenness and pinholes created by plastering and to prepare the wall/surface for painting. It can also be treated as a base coat for painting.

Download MagicPlast Wall Putty Brochure


Highly Water Resistant
Excellent Workability
UV Resistance
Smooth Finish
Strong bonding
Economical & easy to use


  • No requirement of primer
  • Protects expensive paint from flaking, dampening and peeling off
  • Reduces paint consumption
  • Superior paint finish

Preparation & Application

  • The application surface should be rigid, and free from oil, grease, paint, loose plaster or any other dirt particles.
  • Dampen the wall beforeapplication of plaster.
  • Pour 6-7 liters of potable water in a clean container and then add 1 bag (40 kg)of Magicplast-220.
  • It can be mixed by hand. Use of mechanical mixer or electrical stirrer is recommended for better results.
  • Mixingshould be done for 5-10 minutes depending upon the speed of the mixingequipment.
  • Leave the mixt° slake for 5-10 min and remix before use.
  • The mixture should be applied within one hour of preparation. If the concrete surface is smooth and dense, it's recommended that the surface is made rough for better sticking of the plaster layer.
  • In normal weather, Magicplast - 220 doesn't need watering for the first 24 hours. After the plaster is completely dry, curing should be done 2-3 times for 2-3 days. In abnormal weather conditions, curing for 5-7 days is required.