Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks were invented in 1920s by a Swedish architect. AAC Blocks contains 80% air and therefore weigh only 1/3rd of clay brick. It is formed as a reaction of aluminum metal with a blending proportion of lime, cement, gypsum & fly ash. The hydrogen gas escaping from the reaction gives it a strong honey-comb structure. It is further cured in an autoclave under high-pressure steam to give its desired strength.

Its Lightweight reduces the dead-weight of the structure drastically. Studies show a reduction in foundation steel by 15% and cement by 10% if AAC Blocks are used.

AAC Blocks is approximately 9 times larger than clay bricks, which translates into 5 times faster construction along with considerable saving in mortar and plaster.  Best in class thermal insulation results in significant savings in HVAC cost.


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