Product Description

Magicrete U-Blocks are lightweight (AAC) concrete blocks which possess a high strength of 4N/mm2. They are fire resistant, earthquake resistant, fast and easy to install and provides excellent thermal insulation & acoustic properties. These blocks are used to build reinforced load-bearing exterior and interior walls for G+2 structures.

Technical Specifications
Density Oven Dry 550-650 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 4N/mm(MPa)
Shear Strength 0.6 N/m2
Modulus of Elasticity 2040 Mpa
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8.1 x 10-6 K-1
Water Absorption 8%
Thermal Conductivity 0.16 w/mok
Drying Shrinkage 0.46 m0k/w
Fire Resistance 4 Hrs. for 200 mm wall
Sound transmission class rating 44db for 200 mm wall
Thermal Resistance 0.46 m-0k/w