Product Description

Magicrete U-Blocks and O-Blocks are lightweight (AAC) concrete blocks which possess a high strength of 4N/mm2. They are fire-resistant, earthquake resistant, fast and easy to install and provides excellent thermal insulation & acoustic properties. These blocks are used to build reinforced load-bearing exterior and interior walls for G+2 structures.

Features & Benefits
Earthquake Resistant

Earthquake forces on structure are proportional to weight of the building, hence light weight blocks show excellent resistant to earthquake forces. Regions of high siesmic activities like Japan exclusively use AAC Fly Ash Blocks. It has been proven to withstand wind loads of category 5 tropical storms.

Noise Pollution Resistant

With closed air pockets, AAC lightweight fly ash blocks can provide very good sound insulation/sound absorption with an STC(Sound Transmission Class) rating of 44. It can also be used as a sound barrier wall along busy roads. AAC wall has an excellent sound transmission class (STC) rating of 44. Result, virtually sound proof interiors.

Water Resistant

Microscopic structure of lightweight block does not allow for capillary action making it impervious to water. Its water barrier properties are further enhanced by adding silicone based additives.

Thermally Insulated

Highest thermal rating in the industry R30!. Its cellular structure provides well insulated interiors, keeping out warm air in summers and cold air in winters. AAC reduces air conditioning cost upto 30%.

High Strength

High pressure steam-curing autoclaving process gives AAC fly ash blocks unmatchable strength to weight ratio, higher than even M 150 concrete, and far exceeds the Indian Building code requirements.

Fire Resistant

Its unique cellular structure provides excellent fire rating. Due to this cellular structure AAC fly ask blocks do not disintegrate even in fire. It is best in class in fire rating of 4 hours. the melting point of AAC fly ash blocks are over 1600 degree celsius, more than twice the typical temperature in building 650 degree celcius.

Technical Specifications
Density Oven Dry 550-650 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 4N/mm(MPa)
Shear Strength 0.6 N/m2
Modulus of Elasticity 2040 Mpa
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8.1 x 10-6 k-1
Water Absorption 8%
Thermal Conductivity 0.16 w/mok
Thermal Resistance 0.46 m20k/w
Drying Shrinkage 0.04%
Fire Resistance 4 Hrs. for 200mm wall
Sound Transmission class rating 44db for 200mm wall