Product Description

Magicplast Gypsum Plaster

It is single coat plaster suitable for internal wall surfaces made up of block, brick or stone.

Special additives & aggregates added in Magicplast give better surface finish, coverage, and workability as compared to normal gypsum plaster.

Features & Benefits
High Strength

High Degree of compressive strength, which increases overall masonry strength

Excellent coverage

Due to lower density & higher volume, Magicplast covers 18-24 sq.ft. per bag with a thickness of 13mm.

No Curing Saves Water

Gypsum is self setting material hence once set does not need any more curing

High Thermal Insulation

R=0.07 m2k/w at 13mm thickness

Single Coat Application

It can be used directly on all internal surfaces like brickwork, hollow and solid concrete block

Cracks Free Wall

Gypsum does not shrink or expand once setting process is complete. Hence, crack free walls are assured.


Gypsum provides smooth satin finish walls in a single coat, hence saves money as well as time.

Faster Application

Its remarkable flow ability allows faster application

Technical Specifications
Products Superfine | Elite
Appearance White Powder | White Powder
Pot Life 12mins | 15mins
Dry Bulk Density 900 Kg/m3 | 650-710 kg/m3
Initial Setting Time 10-12 mins | 12-15mins
Coverage at Thickness 13mm 18-20 sq.ft / bag of 25kg | 22-24 Sq.ft/bag of 25kg