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Tile Adhesive 

Elite (Grey/White)

Flawless tiles that add to the charm of your home can bring you a lot of satisfaction. They give every room a distinct personality and can even make for a great conversation starter! At Magicrete, one of the leading tile adhesive manufacturers in India, we believe that tiling is best done right the first time. Cracks that appear minor initially can eventually cause tiles to come loose.

Our experts have come up with a wall tile adhesive that will keep the tiles on your walls in mint condition for years. In other words, helps the tiles of your home or office stand the test of time.

Tile Adhesive Elite is a cement-based polymer integrated adhesive for internal & external applications, especially for vitrified tiles and glass mosaics, dry and wet areas, vertical and horizontal surfaces.

It provides excellent waterproofing properties and prevents the cracking of tiles. Tile Adhesive Elite is a quality product that meets industry specifications. It is compliant with IS 15477:2019 Type 2 standards.

Suitable For: Vitrified tiles & glass mosaic tiles on internal & external / vertical & horizontal surfaces.

Packaging Size: 20 Kg Bag

Features & Benefits
gypsum plaster
High Bond Strength

It has excellent adhesive properties and bonds better to substrate. This allows greater durability and integrity

gypsum plaster superfine
Extended Open Time

Its special action polymers extend open time allowing masons extra time to fix tiles. It helps improve the overall quality of workmanship

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Zero Wastage

It is easy to apply and enables better overall utilization reducing wastage.

wall tile adhesive
High Sag Resistance

On vertical applications, it provides remarkably better slip resistance

elite plaster
No Shrinkage

Its water retaining and self curing properties minimize shrinkage cracks

wall tile adhesive
Better Coverage

When applied with a thickness of 3mm, a 20 kg bag of Magicrete Tile Adhesive Elite covers 35-40 sq. ft.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Grey/White Powder
Pot Life >60 mins
Open time >30 mins
Tensile Adhesion Strength >1 kN (Grey)
>1.5 kN (White)
Shear Adhesion Strength >11 kN
Coverage 20kg bag 35 - 40 Sq.Ft
Complies with - IS 15477 Type - 2
EN 12004 C2 TE
Unit KG
Product-Alias Elite