Product Description
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Rs. 1525

Tile Adhesive - Instafix

Instafix is an epoxy-based two-component adhesive formulated with significant strength for instant spot bonding of large tiles and stones on ceilings. With a setting time of just 15 minutes ensuring durability and protection from deterioration.

Suitable For: All types of tiles and stone, including marble, granite, and large format tile on vertical / overheard in interior and exterior applications.

Packaging Size: 1.5 Kg Box

Features & Benefits
gypsum plaster superfine
Rapid Setting System/Mechanism

The adhesive comes with a set time of just 15 minutes ensuring durability and protection from deterioration

wall tile adhesive
Zero Sag Formulation

Instafix gives is a trouble free vertical application of tiles and stones with zero sag formulation

gypsum plaster
High Strength Bond

Instant spot bonding of large format tiles and stones on vertical and overhead surfaces like plywood, drywall boards & metal

Pocket friendly and Ease of Use

Spot bonding formulations leads to less usage of material hence overall procedure is economical compared to other adhesives and the two component adhesive can be readily mixed and used on site. No extensive equipment required

Technical Specifications
Product-Alias Instafix
Compressive Strength >24 Mpa (after 6 hours)
Sag Resistance Test No Sagging (@ 27° C)
Tensile Strength >3 Mpa (After 3 Hrs)
Viscosity 2,00,000-3,00,000 Mpa (@ 25° C)
Density 1.50-1.60 gm/cc
Shear Strength Min. 12 Mpa
Water Absorption 0.30-0.50% (after 24 Hrs)
Pot Life Approx. 10 mins.
Clamping Time 3 hours
Setting Time 15 Minutes
Handling Time 24 Hours
Unit SFT