Product Description
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Tile Adhesive - Dryflex

Tile Adhesive - DryFlex is a specially formulated 2-component tile adhesive for moisture-sensitive marbles & agglomerates. It can be used on all types of tiles & substrates in all weather conditions.

It is specifically designed for large format tiles and stones on drywall and plywood and can go up to 50 ft. cladding without reinforcement.

Suitable For: It can be used for fixing large format tiles & stones on concrete/cementitious substrates and for all types of drywalls.

Packaging Size: 4 Kg Bucket

Features & Benefits
gypsum plaster superfine
Fast Setting

The adhesive comes with a set time of just 15 minutes ensuring durability and protection from deterioration.

elite plaster
Moisture Free

Due to the moisture-free system of Magicrete Tile Adhesive - Dryflex, it does not damage wooden substrates or tiles, and water-sensitive stones.

gypsum plaster
Super High Bond Strength

Instant spot bonding of large format tiles and stones on vertical and overhead surfaces and bonds better to all types of substrate like plywood, drywall boards & metal.

wall tile adhesive
No Reinforcement Upto 50 ft cladding

With Magicrete Tile Adhesive - Dryflex you can do cladding up to 50 ft. height, without any supporting bracket.

Technical Specifications
Product-Alias DryFlex
Appearance Part A Resin: White Paste
Part B Hardener: Brown Liquid
Tensile Adhesion Strength 2.32 N/mm2
Shear Adhesion Strength 2.10 N/mm2
Open Time 30-40 min
Slip 0.23 mm
Density of Part A 1.68 gm/cc
Density of Part B 1.80 gm/cc
Mix Density 1.75 gm/cc
Pot Life 40-45 min
Foot Traffic 60-120 min
Grouting After 10 hours of application
Temperature Resistance -5 to 100o C
Mixing Ratio 3 : 1
Ready to Use 2 days after grouting
Complies with - IS 15477 2019 Type - 4
EN 12004 D2T
Unit KG-V3