Product Description
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Epoxy Tile Grout (2K) EG - 200

Epoxy Tile Grout (2K) EG – 200 is a 2-component, epoxy-based tile grout specially designed for quick grouting of joints up to 10 mm with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance properties. It is available in 8 popular ranges of colors.

Suitable For: 

Dry & Wet Areas like Bathroom, Kitchen, High Traffic Areas, and Swimming Pools in Residential & Commercial areas including industries, hotels & shopping malls.

Packaging Size: 5 Kg Bucket

Features & Benefits
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High Bond Strength

Magicrete Tile Grout (2K) EG – 200 lends high compressive strength and compactness to the tiles. It is well suited for residential and commercial installation of tiles where materials are prone to physical abuse, shock, or chemical attacks.

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Water Resistant

Magicrete Tile Grout EG – 200 is a two-component epoxy tile grout that is waterproof. It is therefore ideal for filling joints of bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, etc., due to its waterproof properties.

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Magicrete Tile Grout (2K) EG – 200 has Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal properties. It is hygienic in service & would not allow bacterial growth at all.

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Easy To Mix and Apply

The Magicrete Tile Grout EG – 200 is easy to use, it has a creamy consistency and a high productivity grout. It can be prepared by mixing Part A and Part B. Also, it entails a pretty quick setting time for the tiles.

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Available in 8 colours

Magicrete Tile Grout (2K) EG – 200 is available in a range of 8 attractive colors.

Technical Specifications
Mixing Ratio Part A : Part B = 2.80 : 0.20
Viscosity ~ 100000 MPa
Full Cure 7 Days (+/- 27o C)
Pot Life < 60 Min (25o C)
Mix Density 1.80 gm/cc
Foot Traffic 24 Hours
Compressive strength 32.8 MPa
Tensile strength 7.5 MPa
Thermal shock resistance 4.2 MPa
Setting Time 165 Min
Shrinkage 0.12%
Appearance Part A Resin: Coloured Paste
Part B Hardener: Pale Yellow Liquid
Water absorption after 240 min 0.06 g