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Tile Adhesive - Magicrete

MagicBond Tile Adhesive White

Give your tiles the gift of lasting durability with MagicBond Tile Adhesive White. It is a polymer-modified white cement-based adhesive for fixing glass mosaic tiles, Italian marble, and large format tiles. Compared to other products, MagicBond Tile Adhesive provides better coverage and requires minimal preparation time.

The result: More work is done and overall better workmanship quality.

It is suitable for both internal & external applications. From fixing ceramic and vitrified tiles to and swimming pool tiles, MagicBond Tile Adhesive White is versatile, cost-effective, and easy to use.

It provides excellent waterproofing properties and resists cracking of tiles. It is compliant with IS 15477:2019 Type 3 quality standards.

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Features & Benefits
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High Bond Strength

It has excellent adhesive properties and bonds better to substrate. This makes it suitable as a binding agent for a wide variety of tiles. It works well with mosaic and Italian tiles in addition to vitrified tiles.

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High Sag Resistance

Ideal for vertical applications, it has a high degree of sag resistance.

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Extended Open Time

It contains special polymers that give it extended open time letting masons use it much more effectively on site.

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No Shrinkage Cracks

Its water retaining and self curing properties minimize shrinkage cracks compared to other adhesive products.

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Zero Wastage

Since Magicrete Tile Adhesive White is easy to apply, wastage is minimized.

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Economical and Time Saving

Only a thin layer of Magicrete Tile Adhesive White is sufficient resulting in significant savings in terms of application time. It is also cost effective as a relatively small amount is required compared to other alternatives.

Technical Specifications
Appearance White Powder
Pot Life >30 mins
Open Time >20 mins
Tensile Adhesive Strength -
Shear Adhesion Dry Condition at 14 days >12 kN
Coverage 20kg bag 25 - 30 Sq.Ft
Complies with IS 15477 Type-3
EN 12004 C2 TE S1