Product Description

MagicBond Tile Grout CG - 100

MagicBond Tile Grout CG-100 is a pre-packed tile grout mix of high-quality Portland cement, selected pigments, and special aggregates. This single-component product is tailored to meet the filling needs of various types of tiles such as ceramic, marble, mosaic, homogenous, granite and stones. This non-shrink and sag-resistant tile grout is the perfect solution for both internal and external applications. It's color-fast and easy to use properties make it ideal for joint filling in floor and wall tiles.

Where can MagicBond Tile Grout CG-100 be applied?

MagicBond Tile Grout CG-100 is tailored to meet the tiling requirements across commercial and residential applications. Tile Grout CG-100 is designed for different tiles and stones, floors and walls, for external and internal applications.


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