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Unibond SBR

Unibond (SBR) is a modified styrene-butadiene liquid emulsion that works as a ready-to-use bonding agent for repairing spalled concrete floors, columns, beams, and slabs. Its bonding capabilities also work well when bonding old concrete and mortar to new layers of concrete and mortar.

In addition to this, Magicrete Unibond SBR also works great as a waterproofing agent for bathrooms, roofs, underground concrete tanks, walkways, and small terraces by providing a damp-resistant, anti-carbonation coating to the structures. Other use areas for UWB are:

-It can be used as an additive in injection grouting for cracks and fissures

-It works as a great anti-corrosive coating on steel structures

-Ensures long-lasting and waterproof coating when used with cement paint

-Reduces shrinkage resulting in the prevention of cracking, dust build-up,

  and improvement in abrasion resistance

-It works as a great bonding agent for tiles and panels

-As a top finishing for chemical resistant floors

-Is a great fixing agent for slip bricks, tiles, and marble bedding

Suitable For: Waterproofing underground/overhead concrete tanks,

toilets, bathrooms, roofs. Also for repairing spalled concrete floors,

columns, beams, slabs & cracks in masonry.

Packaging Size: 200 gm, 1 kg, 5 kg & 20 kg packs.

Features & Benefits
elite plaster
Anti- Erosion/Corrosion

UWB has a first of its kind built in, intrinsic corrosion inhibitor technology which aids in it becoming resistant to erosion and corrosion

Multipurpose and Cost-effective

It is a multipurpose product that has a straightforward application method and is cost-effective

gypsum plaster

Enhances the durability and strength aspects of the cementitious system, enabling it to be applied in thin, refined layers.

block joining mortar
Non-Crack Forming

Averts crack formation by enhancing its ability to bend, hence increases flexural strength. It furthermore curtails shrinkage cracks related to drying and aging

gypsum plaster
Excellent Bonding

Possesses exemplary bonding to concrete, masonry, stonework, plasters cementitious surfaces, asphalt and other building materials and components

wall tile adhesive
Anti-Hydrolysis Agent

Does not breakdown when it comes in contact with water molecules, hence it is immune to hydrolysis. Due to this quality, it can be used for external applications

gypsum plaster
Tough/ Resilient

It has increased resilient properties, while also increasing the toughness and hardness of cementitious film or mortar. It further prevents the generation of dust

wall tile adhesive
Abrasion Resistant

Increases and enhances the ability of cement mix to withstand abrasion

ready mix plaster

It is used for reducing the viscosity of the pumpable cement injection used for grouting. It provides the grout with enhanced bonding and fluidity characteristics

gyproc plaster
Weather Resistant

It provides mortar with better endurance, and ability to prevent chlorides and other harmful substances from passing through

Technical Specifications
Appearance SBR Latex
Specific Gravity at 250 C 1.01 +/- 0.02
pH Value 7 - 9
Pot Life 30 - 45 mins at 30o C
Chemical Resistance Resists to mild acids, alkalies, sulphates
Freeze Resistance Excellent Resistance
Shelf Life 24 months in the original packaging