Product Description
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BathPro Advanced

BathPRO Advanced is a high-performing, elastomeric waterproofing coating agent that consists of two parts polymer-modified acrylic. The product is excellent for waterproofing and protecting concrete structures that may be exposed to acidic gas, chloride ions, oxygen, and water.

BathPRO Advanced possesses excellent bonding properties and therefore acts as a great waterproofing agent and works well on all types of structures, even the ones present in coastal environments. This product can be used on concrete, brick, and block work substrates and is just as suitable for new as well as existing structures.

BathPRO Advanced has been designed to reface structures and to even out jagged variations in surfaces made of concrete or structure where shrinkage cracks have appeared. The product is most suitable for waterproofing water tanks reservoirs, drainage culverts basements, non-tower podiums, and roofs. BathPRO provides a strong, extremely durable, and water-resistant coating to any surface it is applied to. The product also possesses anti-corrosion, anti-carbonation, anti-crack, and highly flexible properties. BathPRO Advanced protects steel structures against oxidation. The product can be applied directly to the steel structure or it may be used on the concrete structure that covers the steel frame.

Suitable For: 3 kg & 15 kg Packs

Packaging Size: Waterproofing bathrooms, toilets, balconies, water tanks, drainage culverts, & basements.

Features & Benefits
block joining mortar

Works as a great barrier in blocking carbon dioxide, chloride and sulphate ions

wall tile adhesive

Possesses highly breathable characteristics; it permits water vapor to escape from the structure

superfine plaster

Is highly relevant and applicable for structures that retain water because of its exceedingly durable waterproofing features.

gyproc plaster

Has superior resistance to all kinds of climate conditions and protects from ill effects of weathering impacts

tile adhesive

Ideal for portable water tanks as it is safe and completely non-toxic

tile adhesive

It is flexible in nature, when exposed to thermal energy, it expands like concrete and steel

ready mix plaster
Anti corrosive/erosion

It has an inbuilt technology that inhibits erosion and corrosion of steel, thereby, protecting it and increasing its durability

block joining mortar
Anti Efflorescence

Encompasses long lasting anti efflorescence properties

Technical Specifications
Pack 3 kg and 15 kg
Mixing Ratio 1 : 2 (A : B)
Polymer Content >18%
Water Absorption <6%
Set-to-touch Time 45 mins
Elongation 60%
Tensile Strength 2.5 N/mm2
Adhesion to substrate 0.80 N/mm2
Adhesion to concrete 1.75 N/mm2
Immersion in water adhesion to concrete at 7 days 1.00 N/mm2