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RoofPro Advanced

A terrace or roof is the top covering of your safe haven, shielding all your loved ones and cherished possessions inside it towards rain and extreme weather conditions during summer and winter. Unfortunately, an envelope that protects your homes' interior and exterior is the most exposed part of your home. We usually expect the roof of our houses to be watertight and robust enough to endure all the challenges nature forces in its way. But in reality, because of the constant exposure to extreme climate, roofs slowly get damaged. If we don't stop this damage, the entire structure could suffer from water leakage, seepage, and cracks. 

Our Magicrete RoofPRO Advanced is a premium fiber-reinforced waterproofing coating composed of very elastic and resilient acrylic polymers, graded fillers, weather durable pigments, additives, microfibers, and high quality biocidal, mixed in a water medium. It is usually used as a 3 layer coating system for structures where high-performance waterproofing is necessary. 

Typically these structures are large roofs where RoofPRO advanced provides 3-layer protection with fiber mesh coated between two coats of RoofPRO Advanced. It is best for flat roofs, terraces, and podiums. It also works as a great coating over existing cementitious waterproofing area Brickbat Coba, concrete screeds, acrylic coatings, sound APP membranes, and more.

Suitable For: Waterproofing roofs/terraces and podiums.

Packaging Size: 4 lt & 20 lt Pail

Features & Benefits
gypsum plaster superfine
Easy overcoating

Can be easily over coated over existing surfaces that were in the past coated with acrylic based elastomeric coatings

gypsum plaster superfine
Easy application

Does not require that previous sound brickbat coba, and/or plaster concrete surface prior to application. Furthermore, very easy application using a brush & roller, also it can be effortlessly overcoated

gyproc plaster
UV resistant and Weatherproof

Provides a long-lasting protection against UV and weather-related deterioration and degradation

elite plaster
Abrasion resistant

Is highly resistant abrasion, due which, it is comfortably able to accept foot traffic without any requirement for additional protective coating

ready mix plaster
Crack bridging

Used for bridging cracks that measure up to 2mm wide

gypsum plaster
Tensile strength and Bonding

Imparts much higher tensile strength, making it resistant to tears and cracks, and providing better bonding strength with cementitious substrates

wall tile adhesive
High film build-up

Contributes to a considerably thicker dry film of 1.2 mm that is applied over three coats

ready mix plaster
Flexible and Resilient

It provides an extremely elastic and resilient coating to ensure that structural movements are easily accommodated

Technical Specifications
Appearance White
UV Resistant Excellent
Water Vapor Transmission 19 g/m2/day
Solid Content 60 +/- 5 %
Crack Bridging Ability Upto 2 mm
Fungus Resistant Satisfactory
Tensile Strength >0.9 N/mm2
Adhesion Bond Strength 1.0 N/mm2
Chloride Permeability Very Low
Water Permeability - at 5 bar pressure Nil