Product Description
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External walls are like the border army of a home, often in the direct line of weather extremities. During the monsoons, they bear the direct force of harsh winds and lashing rains. Seepage, cracks, and molds are the direct impacts of these mistakes.

Magicrete WallPRO is a nanotechnology-based, fiber-reinforced elastomeric liquid waterproofing shield that is formulated with elastomeric and resilient acrylic polymers and reinforcing polyester fibers. The product forms a thick, seamless, and durable membrane upon curing that offers protection and becomes the ultimate waterproofing shield.

The product has been designed to protect outer walls from wind and rain. WallPRO can be tinted in several colors as per the requirement, thereby providing the dual benefit of aesthetics along with waterproofing.

The specially incorporated microfibers in the product allow it to be strong and ensure superior peel-off resistance even with age and prolonged UV exposure. The product also possessed excellent flexibility which allows it to accommodate thermal stresses and bridge hairline cracks that tend to lead to seepages.

The product is great for all types of exterior masonry surfaces, concrete, and cement sand renderings. It possesses an anti-carbonation coating that is great for concrete structures.

Suitable For: External wall protection coating or external facade coating of all types of exterior surfaces like a parapet, sunshades, exterior plastered surfaces, concrete, cement sand renderings, and asbestos.

Packaging Size: 4 lt & 20 lt Pail

Features & Benefits
wall tile adhesive

Wallguard is very flexible and has a much higher elongation ability due to presence of microfiber reinforcements that ensure it can withstand movements caused by thermal expansions and contractions. Moreover, due to its elastomeric qualities, it possesses an ability to bridge cracks up to 2 mm effectively, thus not letting water seep through the micro-cracks

gypsum plaster
Form Tough Film

Possesses a tough film that can withstand wind driven rain and has it a superior film thickness which makes it excellent at waterproofing

pop plaster
Microbial resistance

It possesses exemplary resistance to fungus and algae, therefore ensuring the maintenance of aesthetic value.

gyproc plaster
UV and IR resistance

Superior resistance to UV and IR, thus this coating has a much higher longevity

tile adhesive
Easy to maintain

Ability to maintain aesthetics as it can be cleaned effortlessly and does not allow dirt to build up

block joining mortar

It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic in nature, given its water-based nature

gyproc plaster

It provides superior resistance to carbonation, reducing the diffusion of CO2 and chloride ions. Hence, it protects the re-bars against the onset of corrosion in case of structural concrete

wall tile adhesive
Excellent Waterproof

It provides waterproofing protection of up to 7 bars hydrostatic pressure

gypsum plaster superfine
Easy application

Easy application using brush, roller or spray. Is readily usable, does not require any dilution, therefore, ensuring that the required film density is achieved without having any impact on the performance

tile adhesive

It is permeable to water vapor due to the existence of especially chosen acrylic polymers in its composition, allowing it to avoid blister/bubble formation.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Single Component Emulsion
UV Resistant - 1000 hrs Exposure No Defects
Drying Time 30 min
Gravity 1.31-1.35
Algae and Fungus Resistant No Growth
Crack Bridging Ability Upto 2 mm wide
Tensile Strength 1.5 N/mm2
Adhesion Strength 1.0 N/mm2
Elongation >100%
Water Permeability 6