Product Description
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Tile Grout CG - 100

Tile Grout CG-100 is a pre-packed tile grout mix of high-quality Portland cement, selected pigments, and special aggregates. This single-component product is tailored to meet the filling needs of various types of tiles such as ceramic, marble, mosaic, homogenous, granite, and stones. This non-shrink and sag-resistant tile grout is the perfect solution for both internal and external applications. Its color-fast and easy-to-use properties make it ideal for joint filling in floor and wall tiles.

Where can Tile Grout CG-100 be applied?

Tile Grout CG-100 is tailored to meet the tiling requirements across commercial and residential applications. Tile Grout CG-100 is designed for different tiles and stones, floors and walls, for external and internal applications.

Suitable For: Joint filling in floor & wall tiles for both internal & external applications.

Packaging Size: 1 Kg Pouch

Features & Benefits
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High Strength

Since Magicrete Tile Grout CG – 100 is a formulation of high-quality Portland cement, selected pigments, and special aggregates, it lends strength and compactness to the tiles. It is suitable for filling tile joints for both floors and walls, for internal or external applications.

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Water Resistant

Magicrete Tile Grout CG – 100 has excellent water resistance properties making it beneficial for application in areas that are surrounded by water like bathrooms or immersed under water like swimming pools.

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Easy To Use

Magicrete Tile Grout CG – 100 is easy to use. It can be prepared by just mixing with water in a bucket or vessel in a 3:1 ratio.

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The non-dusting property of Magicrete Tile Grout CG – 100 makes cleaning easier and simple.

Technical Specifications
Bulk Density 1.3 to 1.35 kg/l
Pot Life 120 min @ 27o C
Compressive Strength 24 N/mm2 @ 28 days
Flexural Strength 5.5 N/mm2 @ 7 days