In everyday life, we often forget to appreciate nature and to take care of our natural resources like water, trees, soil, and air. However, at Magicrete, we realize the importance of being eco-friendly and therefore encourage our new employees to plant trees with their own hands, right after they join our team. This way, they not only learn to value nature’s bounty but also feel good about contributing in a positive manner.

Magicrete is already one of the top names in the industry of green building materials as we offer cutting-edge AAC blocks (MagicBlox), plasters (MagicPlast) and adhesives (MagicBond) that emit no pollutants or harmful gases when used for construction. And by encouraging our employees to plant trees every year, we are simply taking our eco-friendly “go green” initiative a step further. Here is how our products are taking care of Mother Earth. MagicBlox – Our AAC blocks are made of recycled fly-ash, a national waste, and don’t use clay-like traditional bricks. Unlike clay bricks, it doesn’t cause the erosion of alluvial soil layer, thereby protecting the environment. The manufacturing process of AAC blocks is also eco-friendly. MagicPlast and MagicBond – These are smart substitutes for conventional plaster and cement, as they need minimal water during construction, and save water.

Celebrating Environment Day: As a leading manufacturer and supplier of nature-friendly green building materials, we celebrate National Environment Day by planting trees around our state-of-the-art production facilities in Haryana and Gujarat. This helps spread awareness about the crucial role that nature plays in our lives.