As India’s leading manufacturer of modern building solutions, Magicrete has touched the lives of millions. It is a matter of great pride for us as we strive to make the world greener and more vibrant. Reducing the environmental impact of construction activity is the need of the hour.

As habitats are destroyed to make way for towns and cities, the lines between development and sustainability have been blurred. Over the years, our employees have been ambassadors at large when it comes to honoring and co-existing with Mother Nature.

It is one of the core reasons for us to constantly innovate and bring greater value to our customers. Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply ingrained in every member of our team. Our vision is to help build sustainable communities.

From tree plantation drives to spreading awareness about the environment through street plays, our team has been consistently working towards a greener future for generations to come.  Planting saplings by new hires as well as visitors is a practice that we are proud of. Change, after all, begins with awareness. To dispel ignorance and improve a lot of economically backward sections of society, education is vital. To quote the United Nations, education is the ‘universal passport to human development’.

To equip the children of daily wage workers and laborers with basic literacy skills, Magicrete launched its ‘Pathshala’ initiative in Aug 2018. A part of our CSR mission, Education Above All, our Navsari unit is supporting an initiative to teach young children to read and write.

In addition, they are also given basic health, hygiene, and nutrition training. The results have been encouraging. At an Independence Day event organized by Magicrete, some of these children participated in a short skit about India’s freedom struggle with over 100 people in attendance. They also sang the National Anthem with aplomb. Their appearance and manners have also changed for the better.

Since 2008, Magicrete has introduced innovative new construction methods in the country. With initiatives like Pathshala, we aim to let change percolate to the very roots of our society. With the seed of knowledge sown, we are confident that the future will be even brighter than the present.