One can now find several tile adhesives in the market. These serve different purposes apt for your area of application. There are many tile adhesives that we can now use in areas subjected to constant contact with water freely without much worry. The use of such tile adhesives holds firm against continuous water exposure. Check the adhesive package to find whether it is waterproof or not.

For tile on tile fitting, make sure that the original tiles should be excellent in condition and free from cracks. Before tiling on tile application, you should ensure that the existing surface is on a level to avoid gaps in the future. The steps involve cleaning the previously tiled surface with the help of sandpaper. Making the existing surface rough allows the new tiles to adhere correctly. To provide an even foundation to the new tiles, apply a thin film of thin-set mortar. After that, let the coat dry appropriately for at least 24 hours. Grout FAQs