Work Culture at Magicrete

Magicrete is a Great Place to Work Certified™

Our organization has recently been granted Great Place to Work Certification! Our endeavor and commitment to make Magicrete a great place to work has now got an official endorsement from the Great Place to Work institute. We are proud of our people, culture, and work environment. This third-party validation is a testament to our efforts and confirmation from our top talent and teams across India. GPTW Survey is the world’s most widely used model to understand employee perceptions about their workplace. Organizations that are great workplaces perform more than 3 times better than the general market indices and experience up to 50 percent less employee turnover! It is indeed a momentous achievement for all the employees at Magicrete.

Festival Celebration at Magicrete

Festivals are larger-than-life celebrations of various things. At Magicrete, Festivals help break the monotony of life and are the carriers of peace and joy in our community. Furthermore, they allow us to celebrate life's little and big things. We at Magicrete celebrate all major festivals of India like Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaviti, Christmas, etc.

Fun at the workplace, and Employee outings

We at Magicrete believe in enjoying time with colleagues in a relaxed and fun environment to encourage honest and open discussion and trust in one another. If employees are friends with the people, they work with, rather than simply being colleagues, they''ll work better together and communicate more effectively. In addition to various fun-filled activities at work like drama, dumb charades, movie watching, and team games, we also have regular outings at multiple locations in India. For example, in 2022, we took our employees to Rishikesh. We have also gone to Daman, Lonavala, and other places for strategic meets and company growth plan discussions and enjoy vacation time with colleagues. The birthdays of our employees call for celebration. At the end of every month, we celebrate the birthdays of all our employees of that month. Our company policy also offers half a day's leave for birthdays.

Annual Sports Competitions

We at magicrete give credence to the fact that sports are indispensable for an individual's physical and mental development. Therefore, we organize annual sports competitions for games like cricket, chess, table tennis, caroms, etc. This annual sports event empowers our employees to pursue and partake in sports events they are perfervid about. Employees from divergent cultures and locations in India foregather at a specific place to exchange their cultural ideas. They also compete against each other in numerous sports activities of their choice. We also make sports events enjoyable by adding a few compelling pre-events before the main event. For example, cricket is a notable event in our annual sports meet. Therefore, to make this event more exhilarating, we conduct auctions so that team leaders can select their teams. In addition, food, medical aid, and sports referees are made accessible for all the players for the whole day, along with other entertainment forms like music. The sports day culminates with accolades and laurels to exponents from individual sports and thanking testimonies to the organizing team.

Employee Testimonies

Our employees are our greatest asset and we ensure that they are happy with the work culture and environment. We are happy to state that out of 400 employees at present 50+ employees have completed 10 years. 100+ employees have completed 5 years of work.