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The exponential growth of population coupled with depleting reserves of natural resource inputs is posing severe challenges for infrastructure development activities all over the world, and India is no exception. Today innovations in the field of construction tech need to keep pace with a host of factors including spiking demands for affordable housing, space limitations, and transforming environmental compliances. The increasing popularity of dry mix products is one such shift that has revolutionized masonry in recent times.

Magicrete, already a pioneer in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) block manufacturing, has been early in realizing the potential of quality dry mix products in India. Our premixed dry mortars are manufactured and packed in a controlled environment. The products are blended to fit a range of application requirements, offering numerous benefits over traditional mixes.

From the ease of use, augmented surface bonding, crack resistance to improved paint performance, Magicrete’s range of dry mix products are engineered to conform to an array of physical, chemical and climatic benchmarks at the best price points. The company’s dry mix product basket is amply diversified to address the entire spectrum of material necessities in various construction operations.


MagicBond Tile Adhesive - Standard


MagicBond Tile Adhesive - Elite


MagicBond Tile Adhesive - Premium


MagicBond Tile Adhesive - White


MagicBond - 3X Tile Bonder


MagicBond Tile Admixture - Flex


MagicBond Tile Adhesive - Super Flex