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Tile Adhesive

Premium (Grey/White)

10 years from now, your home may look a lot different. From the exteriors to the walls within, time will have tested the integrity of the tiles on them. Whether you will be satisfied with how they will look, years into the future is difficult to predict. After all, they will have to contend with many factors- humidity, moisture, and even traffic- the cumulative effect of which can take a toll on even premium tiles.

Now, Magcirete brings you a proven tile adhesive solution that can put all your worries about moisture, shrinkage, and cracked tiles to rest. The result: Durable tiles that withstand the worst that the environment throws at them. Tile Adhesive Premium is a polymer modified grey/white cement-based adhesive for fixing large format tiles, marble, granite, other stones, and glass mosaic on floor and wall.

It is suitable for both internal & external applications. It comes with excellent waterproofing properties and prevents the cracking of tiles. Tile Adhesive Premium conforms to IS 15477:2019 Type 3 standards.

Suitable For: Large format tiles on internal and external walls & floors, granite, marble, and other stones, and glass mosaic.

Packaging Size: 20 Kg Bag

Features & Benefits
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High Bond Strength

Magicrete's Tile Adhesive Premium has excellent adhesive properties and bonds better to the substrate. The result: Better integrity and durability.

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Extended Open Time

It contains specially added polymers for extended open time making application smoother and faster. This allows greater flexibility on site

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High Sag Resistance

Its proven formula provides improved stability eliminating slip when used in vertical applications.

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No Shrinkage Cracks

Its water retaining and self curing properties minimize shrinkage cracks

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Zero Wastage

Wastage of material is negligible. It is easy to use being premixed

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High Thermal Insulation

It has a high degree of heat resistance allowing long term durability of tiles

Technical Specifications
Appearance Grey/White Powder
Pot Life >60 mins
Open Time >30 mins
Tensile Adhesion Strength >2.0 kN (Grey)
>1.5 kN (White)
Shear Adhesion Dry Condition at 14 days >12 kN
Coverage 20kg bag 30-35 Sq.Ft
EN 12004 C2 TE S1
Unit KG
Product-Alias Premium