Product Description
MagicBond Tile Admixture - Flex
Rs. 350

MagicBond Tile Admixture - Flex

MagicBond Tile Adhesive Flex is the ideal admixture for Type 4 adhesives and is specially formulated to lend compactness and flexibility for tiling on a variety of substrates, including plywood, drywall, and fiber cement sheets.

When used with MagicBond Tile Adhesive Standard, this product becomes the perfect additive for a range of surfaces, particularly the more deformable substrates like drywall. Admixture Flex is appropriate for both internal and external application on walls and floors.

Where can Admixture Flex be applied?

When mixed with MagicBond Tile Adhesive Standard, Admixture Flex can be used across different types of stones and tiles (only exceptions being engineered stones and metal tiles) for fitting/installation on different substrates like drywall, plywood, fiber cement sheet, gypsum board, and other wooden substrates.

Features & Benefits
ready mix plaster
High Flexibility

MagicBond Admixture Flex is a standard adhesive which provides a strong, compact, and super-flexible bond for tiling on most surfaces, especially the deformable substrates such as drywall, plywood, fibre cement sheets etc.

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Enhances workability

MagicBond Admixture Flex ensures easy workability as it is very easy to prepare and apply. It can be prepared by just mixing together tile adhesive and water.

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No shrinkage cracks

MagicBond Admixture Flex has a high adjustability time and water retention property, which means that it leaves no shrinkage cracks on or between the tiles.

Zero Wastage

It is easy to use and time-saving. Also, it carries a shelf life of 24 months in its original packaging and therefore, can be stored and used for a longer time.


MagicBond Admixture Flex is tested to be an environment friendly alternative for pasting of tiles on deformable substrates including plywood, drywall, fibre etc. Also, it’s economical and low-budget adhesive.

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Extended open time

MagicBond Admixture Flex extends the open time to allow masons to put in more time to fix tiles. This helps improve the overall quality of masonry.

Technical Specifications
Appearance White Liquid
Pot Life > 1 Hrs
Open Time > 1 Hrs
Tensile Adhesion at 28 days 1.50 Mpa
Shear Adhesion at 28 Days 1.50 Mpa
Vertical Slip <0.5 mm
Transverse Deformation > 5.0 mm
EN 12004 C2 TE S2