Product Description
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Epoxy Tile Grout EG - 100

Epoxy Tile Grout EG – 100 is a chemical-resistant, fully solid epoxy grout that is best suited for the application of ceramic and vitrified tiles, stones, and marble. This product, from the stables of Magicrete, is tailored to meet the unique needs of residential and commercial establishments where the materials must be shock-resistant and impervious to abuse or chemical attacks. Epoxy Tile Grout EG-100 is a three-component color-fast and hard-wearing tile joint filler that can easily fill gaps and levels itself providing a dust-proof tile joint.

Where can Epoxy Tile Grout EG-100 be applied?

Epoxy Tile Grout EG-100 is suited to cater to the tiling needs of multiple residential installations including swimming pools, kitchens, and bathrooms. Tile Grout EG-100 is also suitable for commercial establishments where materials tend to undergo heavy disturbance, abuse, and chemical aggression. More importantly, it is designed for different tiles and stones, including those in areas sensitive to moisture. 

Suitable for: Joint filling in chemical & temperature resistance areas on floors & walls and stain-sensitive areas like kitchen, bathroom, swimming pools, etc. where a hygienic sterile condition is expected.

Packaging Size: 1 Kg & 5 Kg

Features & Benefits
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High Compressive Strength

Magicrete's Tile Grout EG – 100 lends high compressive strength and compactness to the tiles. It is well suited for residential and commercial installation of tiles where materials are prone to physical abuse, shock, or chemical attacks.

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Magicrete Tile Grout EG – 100 is a three-component epoxy tile grout that is waterproof. It is therefore ideal for filling joints of bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, etc., due to its waterproof properties.

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Chemical Resistant

This Magicrete product is a highly chemical-resistant tile grout. It provides superior resistance to chemicals, temperatures, and heavy traffic found in harsh environments of commercial establishments.

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Easy To Use

The Magicrete Tile Grout EG – 100 is easy to use. It can be prepared by mixing Part A and Part B with the filler. Also, it entails a pretty quick setting time for the tiles.

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The Magicrete Tile Grout EG – 100 is safe to use as it is non-toxic. Being non-toxic means that it will also have a lesser negative impact on the environment.

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Zero Stain Grout

Magicrete Tile Grout EG – 100 is a 100% stain-free grout bonder. It can adapt quickly to the temperature and therefore, leaves no shrinkage or cracks between the tiles.

Technical Specifications
Initial Setting Time 180 - 240 mins
Shrinkage at 7 days < 0.10%
Compressive Strength at 7 days > 30 Mpa
Tensile Strength at 7 days > 10 Mpa
Flexural strength 35 - 40 N/mm2
Shrinkage 0.6 - 0.8 mm/m
Water Absorption after 240 Minutes 0.015 - 0.040 g
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