Product Description
Rs. 700

Tile Adhesive

Standard+ (Grey/White)

Magicrete With Tile Adhesive - Standard+, the tiles of your home or office get a long lease of life- looking as good as new for years. This polymer-integrated cement-based adhesive has a proven formula that gives you better value for money and your home, a veneer of quality and durability.

It provides excellent waterproofing properties and prevents the cracking of tiles.

Suitable For: Fixing ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles up to (4 sq. ft) on internal walls and floor.
It comes in a premixed, ready-to-use form that can be used with a number of substrates.

Packaging Size: 20 Kg Bag

Features & Benefits
gypsum plaster
High Bond Strength

Magicrete has excellent adhesive properties and bonds better to all types of substrate. It adds to the durability of your tiles and is water resistant.

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Extended Open Time

The special polymers it contains extend open time allowing hassle free application. Compared to other products, this allows more time for adjusting tiles after fixing without affecting its adhesive strength.

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Zero Wastage

As Magicrete Tile Adhesive is easy to apply, the wastage of masonry material is minimal.

tile adhesive
Improved Coverage

A 20 kg bag used with a thickness of 3mm is capable of providing coverage of 35-40 Sq. Ft.

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High Sag Resistance

It is ideal for use in vertical applications as its controls tile slippage.

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No Shrinkage

Shrinkage cracks are minimized due to its water retaining and self curing properties.

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High Thermal Insulation

Magicrete Tile Adhesive has high thermal insulation allowing greater durability and firmness.

Economical and Time Saving

It is applied in thin layer which leads to cost saving and being premixed in nature saves time.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Grey / White
Tensile Adhesion 1.00 N/mm2 (Dry Condition 28 days)
Shear Adhesion 1.25 N/mm2 (Dry Condition 28 days)
Pot Life 60 Minutes
Open Time 20 Minutes
Unit KG
Coverage 35-40 Sq.ft (20 kg bag)
Complies with - IS 15477 2019 Type - 1
EN 12004 C2 T
Product-Alias Standard +