Product Description


Magicrete – JointPRO Block/Panel Joining Mortar is a cement-based dry mix powder specially designed for panel joining applications. It is a factory-mixed mortar made up of cement, white fillers & fibers and blended with special polymers to impart high bond strength and water retention properties.

This ready-to-use product is ideal for sealing the groove and filling the recessed area between the two panels.

Technical Specifications
Tensile Adhesion Strength Approx. 0.3 MPa @ 14 Days
Shear Adhesion Strength Approx. 2.5 MPa @ 14 Days
Fire Resistance 240 minutes
Bulk Density 850-1050 Kg/M³
Pot Life Approx. 90 minutes @ 27° C
Workability Good
Water Demand 30-40 %
Final Setting Time 30-60 minutes
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