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Rs. 170

Putty Plus Wall Putty


Smooth walls are the canvas that can bring your aesthetic imagination to life. Whether your taste in décor is glossy or matte, Magicrete PuttyPlus Wall Putty gives walls a distinct character. It enhances the finish of the paint applied to walls and ceilings without the need for primer.

Magicrete’s Putty Plus is a polymer modified white cement-based wall putty specially developed to cover the unevenness and pinholes created by plastering and to prepare the wall/surface for painting.

It meets the stringent standards laid down by quality assurance agencies like the Housing Development Board (HBD), Singapore, and is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Its advanced formula protects expensive paint from flaking, dampening, and peeling off.

Features & Benefits
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Water Resistant

Magicrete PuttyPlus Wall Putty is up to 75% more water resistant that other products. It does not require curing and makes each coat of paint last longer.

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Strong Bonding

Magicrete PuttyPlus Wall Putty has high bond strength. Compared to other products, it offers up to 25% extra adhesion and works equally well for interior and exterior plastered surfaces.

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Ease of Use

It is easy to use on site as it comes premixed. It provides better coverage compared to other products.

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Smooth Finish

Magicrete PuttyPlus Wall Putty gives the walls of your property, whether home or office, a superior aesthetic look. It gives paint a superior finish and is suitable for both internal as well as external walls.

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It provides better value for money as it reduced the overall quantity of paint required. It is also durable reducing the frequency of paint jobs.

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UV Resistance

Magicrete PuttyPlus Wall Putty resists the Ultra Violet (UV) radiation from the sun which leads to enhanced paint life.

Technical Specifications
Appearance White Powder
Initial/Final Setting Time 270/300 Min
Tensile Adhesion Strength >1.0Mpa
Compressive Strength 8.5 Mpa
Flexural Strength 2.1 Mpa
Water Retentivity 99.60%
Pot Life 90-100 Min
pH 9.2-10.1
Coverage 12-15 Sq.ft/kg depending on wall finish
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