Product Description

Magicrete U Blocks & O Blocks

The utility of AAC blocks has been unmatched in the construction tech domain, its ‘U’ and ‘O’ shaped versions add another dimension of operational relevance. Retaining the positives of AAC technology like durability, rapid deployment, and low environmental impact, shaped AAC blocks further allow for reinforced masonry.

The structural space between the ‘U’ and ‘O’ shaped AAC blocks serves as a conduit for concrete or steel tie-down installations. The technology finds application in a wide range of areas including establishments with heightened security requirements. Further, these blocks are engineered to:

Amplify thermal and acoustic performance

Maximize thermal insulation

Resist natural corrosion and earthquake

Comply with Indian Building Code in terms of strength

Features & Benefits
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Earthquake Resistant

Magicrete U-Blocks and O-Blocks are up to 3 times lighter than regular bricks. They reduce the overall dead weight of a building allowing excellent resistance to earthquakes. Ideal for tall multi-storied residential or commercial buildings, particularly in earthquake prone areas, these blocks provide enhanced structural integrity and durability.

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Sound Insulation

Magicrete U-Blocks and O-Blocks keep out the noise and let you experience unmatched calm. The air pockets in them absorb external noise providing best in class sound insulation that meet Sound Transmission Class (STC) 44 standards.

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Moisture Resistant

Say goodbye to leakage related problems for good. Magicrete U-Blocks and O-Blocks are all-weather AAC blocks. They have a very porous structure which prevents condensation or dampness. The use of silicone based additives adds to the water resistant properties of our blocks.

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Thermally Insulated

With Magicrete, your air conditioner will not need to work too hard to keep you cool. The result: lower power bills. Magicrete U-Blocks and O-Blocks have the highest thermal rating in the industry- R30. It helps maintain the temperature of your room in summer as well as winter due to its exceptional thermal insulation properties.

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High Strength

Magicrete U-Blocks and O-blocks undergo a high pressure steam curing autoclaving process giving them a high strength to weight ratio. Multiple lab tests have proved that these blocks are stronger than even M 150 concrete and exceed Indian Building Code requirements by a large margin.

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Fire Resistant

Magicrete U-Blocks and O-blocks keep your loved ones safe from the perils of fire. The cellular structure of these blocks can withstand up to 4 hours of direct exposure to fire. At 1600 degree Celsius, its melting point is more than two times the typical temperature in a building fire which is 650 degree Celcius.

Technical Specifications
Density Oven Dry 550-650 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 4N/mm(MPa)
Shear Strength 0.6 N/m2
Modulus of Elasticity 2040 Mpa
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 8.1 x 10-6 k-1
Water Absorption 8%
Thermal Conductivity 0.16 w/mok
Thermal Resistance 0.46 m20k/w
Drying Shrinkage 0.04%
Fire Resistance 4 Hrs. for 200mm wall
Sound Transmission class rating 44db for 200mm wall
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