Product Description


PrimeKote is a water-based primer comprising of acrylic emulsion polymers, graded fine fillers, white pigments & additives. It has an efflorescent barrier mechanism. With exceptional adhesion and slip resistance, it is great for exterior & interior application on walls before the application of other water-based paints/waterproofing coatings.

Suitable For: Any surface where efflorescence may take place like concrete surfaces, plastered walls/cement sheets and false ceilings, mortar joined brick or block walls, etc. Interior & exterior application.

Packaging Size: 4 lt Pail

Features & Benefits
wall tile adhesive
Excellent Efflorescent Barrier Mechanism

Provides excellent efflorescence resistance due to its chemical inertness

ready mix plaster
Alkali Resistant

Based on chemically inert polymers hence suitable for high alkaline substrates

gypsum plaster

Good binding of chalky or porous substrates and over coating

elite plaster
Deep Penetration

Provides deep penetration thus imparts excellent substrate adhesion

Technical Specifications
Appearance Liquid White Tinted Primer
Specific Gravity 1.28±0.01 (@27° C)
Solid Content >50%
Tensile Strength 2.0 N/mm2, >2.0 N/mm2 (ASTM D412)
Efflorescence Resistance No Efflorescence Observed On Paint Film
Applicable Standard ASTM D 1227-87
Complies with IS 9862 1981 Type - 3
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