Product Description


CrackPRO is a fiber-reinforced ready to use crack filling paste suitable for filling cracks up to 3mm & 5mm width and depth on both interior and exterior surfaces. It is composed of acrylic polymer modified fillers and special additives. It has strong adhesion, water resistance, & is very easy to apply on all absorbent surfaces like plaster, wood, gypsum, POP & asbestos.

Cracks filled with CrackPRO enhance the subsequent painting's quality and life.

Suitable For: Filling cracks up to 3mm to 5mm on both interior and exterior surfaces, ceramic/sanitary ware stoneware, asbestos cement, clay stormwater drain, cast iron, concrete surfaces.

Packaging Size: 1 kg liquid pail

Features & Benefits
gypsum plaster superfine
Easy To Use

Single Component Ready To Use & Easy To Apply Product

ready mix plaster
Highly Flexible

Can accomodate minor movements in cracks therefore does not crack.

gypsum plaster
Superior Mechanical Strength

Reinforced with fibers for superior mechanical strength

gypsum plaster
Strong Adhesion

Provides strong adhesion on all absorbent surfaces like plaster, asbestos, POP, wood, gypsum, etc.

diamond plaster
Over Coating

Over coatable by any type of polymer based paints, after 24 hours.

elite plaster
Water Resistance

Magicrete CrackPRO provides excellent water resistance ability and does not allow water seepage through cracks.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Smooth & Thick Paste
Specific Gravity 1.40 +/- 0.02
Service Temperature Range -15 to +80
Non Volatile Content >70%
Vertical slump Nil
Movement Accommodation Factor +10
Extension Recovery Min 75%
Volume Shrinkage 20%
Tack Free Time 30-40 Minutes
Water Resistance Excellent
Freeze or Thaw Stability Passes 5 Cycles
Conforms To ASTM C 834-91
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