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About Magicrete Precast

Magicrete Precast Technology brings change by providing a one stop solution for all your construction needs.

Magicrete Precast concrete consists of concrete (a mixture of cement, water, aggregates and admixtures) that is cast into a specific shape at a location other than its in-service position. The concrete is placed into a form, typically wood or steel, and cured before being stripped from the form, usually the following day. These components are then transported to the construction site for erection into place. Precast concrete can be plant-cast or site-cast.

The rapid growth and development of urban centers today call for shorter timelines and reduced cost in the construction sector proven technologies ensuring the highest standards, and uniformity in quality. These are the need of the hour that is now effectively met by precast technology.

About Magicrete:

Magicrete Building Solutions is a frontline manufacturer of AAC Blocks, Drymix Mortar products and Precast Construction Solutions which has turned a new leaf in the construction industry. It was found in 2008 with vision of introducing innovative construction technologies. In these 10 years Magicrete has touched lives of more than a million people by being used in more than 2,00,000 homes. Magicrete has many awards to its credit "Most preferred Brand (Bricks/Blocks)" by ET Now, " start-up of the year 2015 nomination "by Forbes, "Entrepreneur of the year 2015" by Tiecon and many more.