Product Description
MagicBond Tile Adhesive - Ultima

MagicBond Tile Adhesive - Ultima

MagicBond Tile Adhesive - Ultima is an all-purpose cementitious ultimate adhesive. When we say 'ultimate' we mean extremely versatile and multi-functional structural adhesive for fixing all formats of tiles & natural stones on all types of flooring and vertical surfaces. It can sustain extreme weather conditions which ensure that debonding and cracking are never a problem.

Features & Benefits
gyproc plaster
Impervious and Weather Proof

MagicBond Ultima has excellent water resistant capability and hence problems like water seepage and others can be avoided

gypsum plaster superfine
Increased Open Time

The special polymers it contains extend open time allowing hassle free application. Compared to other products, this allows more time for adjusting tiles after fixing without affecting its adhesive strength

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No Shrinkage

Shrinkage cracks are minimized due to its water retaining and self curing properties

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No Sagging

It is ideal for use in vertical applications as its controls tile slippage

wall tile adhesive
Provides Full Coverage

MagicBond - Ultima is capable of providing a coverage of 1.3 kg/m2/mm

Economical and Time Saving

It is a premixed adhesive that saves both time and money. It is applied in thin layer which reduces the quantity of adhesive required.

Technical Specifications
Tensile Adhesion >3N/mm2
Shear Adhesion 2.5N/mm2
Transversal Deformation <5 mm
Pot Life ~ 4 hours @ 23o C
~ 3 hours @ 35o C
Open Time > 60 min. @ 23o C
> 20 min. @ 35o C
Ready to use 3-4 days