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Rs. 380

MagicPlast - Ready-mix Plaster

MagicPlast makes the mason’s job simple - zero on-site mixing hassles or quality concerns.  Trusted by construction houses around the country, MagicPlast is a ready mix, sand-cement based polymer modified plaster. It is easy to use and binds better to the substrate.

MagicPlast’s special formulation contains graded sand, which is silt-free allowing smooth and even surfaces. Special additives and polymers added to our ready mix cement plaster have two distinct advantages: less curing time and re-bonding losses. This is because of its improved water retention and higher bonding properties. Compared to conventional plaster, the finish it provides is much smoother and durable.

MagicPlast scores over other ready mix plaster manufacturers by offering better coverage and faster setting characteristics. It is certified to IS 1542 standards and is manufactured using state of the art technology.

Features & Benefits
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High Strength

MagicPlasts’ graded sand composition provides better bonding, leaves lesser voids and provides high strength to masonry materials. This makes it durable and long lasting.

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Durable and Crack Resistant

To ensure long lasting durability and zero cracks, MagicPlast comes with added polymers and negligible silt content. It sets faster than regular plaster and controls cement shrinkage.

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Excellent Water Retention

Polymer additives and graded sand used in MagicPlast reduce water absorption making it excellent for regions with higher than average rainfall or ground water levels.

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Excellent Coverage

MagicPlast provides excellent coverage due to the mineral binders present in it. They not only reduce its density but also provide increased coverage. At a recommended thickness of 12mm, MagicPlast covers 18-20 sq. ft per 40 kg bag.

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MagicPlast is a cost effective, zero maintenance plaster that reduces the overall cost of repair and maintenance over the long term.

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Faster Application

Since MagicPlast is premixed, application is much faster than conventional products. It is easy to use and reduces rebounding losses.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Greyish Granular Powder
Main Binder Portland Cement
Maximum Aggregate Size Less than 3 mm
Bulk Density 1.5 - 1.6Kg/Litre unit
Compressive Strength More than 9 Mpa in 28 days
Flexural Strength Min 1.8 Mpa in 28 days
Water Retentivity Min 95% (EN 1015 - 8)
Coverage 18-20 Sq.ft./40 kg Bag (for 10-12mm thickness)
Thickness of layer Maximum 12mm per coat
Pot life 1.5-2 hours
Proportion of water 17-19% as per weight
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