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Product Description
MagicBond Block Jointing Mortar
Rs. 600

MagicBond Block Jointing Mortar

For greater bond strength and durability, look no further than MagicBond Block Jointing Mortar. Trusted by real estate developers and builders around India, it can be used for both interior and exterior purposes.

MagicBond – Block Jointing Mortar is a high-strength adhesive for quick and firm laying of AAC blocks with thin joints. Made of cement, graded sand, and blended with polymers, it provides high strength and water retention properties even when in thickness of 2-3 mm layer.

With improved compressive and tensile strength, it offers better value for money compared to other products. MagicBond meets ASTM-C1660-09 quality standards.

98% of AAC Fly Ash Blocks worldwide are joined using thin-bed mortar.

Features & Benefits
block jointing mortar
High Bond Strength

High load bearing capacity and increased masonry strength are the hallmarks of MagicBond AAC Block Jointing Mortar. The special polymer it contains imparts high adhesive strength of >0.41 MPa.

block joining mortar
No Shrinkage Cracks

MagicBond AAC Block Jointing Mortar prevents seepage and water percolation during and after application avoiding shrinkage cracks and allowing better leveling.

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Compared to conventional mortar, the amount of MagicBond required is up to 3 times lesser. This speeds up the time needed for laying blocks and also reduces the overall costs.

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High Coverage

Due to its low density and higher volume, a 40 kg bag of MagicBond covers 170-180 sq. ft with a thickness of 3mm. It is an AAC Block adhesive that has also has a high level of consistency and quality.

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No Curing

MagicBond contains advanced water retention polymers which do not require curing after being applied, saving water.

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MagicBond is a ready to use mortar mix, all that it needs is a minimal amount of water. Onsite preparation time required is minimal compared to regular mortar.

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High Thermal Insulation

Thin joints regulate the transfer of heat through walls.

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Zero Wastage

It is easy to mix and can be applied quickly. This not only saves time but also manpower.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Grey Powder
Water Required 35%
Pot Life ~1.5 - 2 hrs
Curing Not required
Tensile Adhesive Strength >0.41 MPa (as per ASTM - C1660)
Coverage 170 - 180 sq.ft (for 4" thick blocks)
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